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By FK WEB DESK on 30/01/2018.


Weakness in Imaan has led to the distraction of numerous nations. It is sad that some of us have become so weak in faith that we too are heading towards self destruction. Today, we blame our downfall on everyone else but our selves.

There are some who say that it is pre-destined so there is nothing that one can do. One must remember that this is not the case. Almighty Allah is the Most Just and He does not cause destruction to any nation without reason

Our future condition is undoubtedly dependent upon our present actions. This has been revealed in the Holy Quran by Almighty Allah “We have not oppressed them, but they have wronged themselves.”

“Your Rub is not so, that He may destroy communities without reason, and the people there are good.” and Almighty Allah says, “This is in exchange of that which your hands have sent ahead, and Allah does not oppress His servants.”

These verses of the Quran emphasise the consequence of our actions. Almighty Allah does test a community with some difficulty. This is only for their upliftment. However, some ignorant people may reply ‘That even Allah is not Just'(Allah forbid)

These are definitely the words of ignorant people, for Allah will not place a burden on you, that you can not bear, for He is our Creator, Our Rub and undoubtedly He is Most Just and Most Merciful.

We have become the slaves of the world and live corrupt lives. Actions such as adultery and fornication are one of the means of our destruction.

Adultery has become rife in many communities today and people show no remorse or fear for their actions. It has also sadly become part of the lives of many. We have forgotten the injunction of Almighty Allah in the Holy Quran,”Say to the Believers, that they should close their eyes and protect their private ornaments.” This implies that one should close ones eyes if one is confronted by shameful sight.

We need to realise that our actions are destroying us. Rather than complaining and looking for false direction, during times of difficulty, one should maintain patience(sabr)as ‘Allah is with those who are Patient’. It is also the whisperings of Shaitaan which enter our hearts to try and make us lose our faith.

Dear readers..! Take pleasure in knowing that ‘Allah is with those who have patience’ and perform good deeds, for Allah loves those who are pious.

The author is a LLB student of KU & can be reached at[email protected]