Situation not conducive for Panchayat polls, govt doing it for funds: NC leader

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/01/2018.


Jammu, Jan 8: Former National Conference (NC) MLA and party’s working district president Ghulam Mohidin Mir lashed out at a PDP leader over recent remarks that militants are “our brothers”.

“This statement is nothing but eyewash aimed at creating a situation for holding elections,” he said. “I cannot understand why PDP-BJP regime is unmood by the bloodshed. Every day someone is getting killed, every day a woman is becoming window, every day a child becomes orphan due to continuous bloodshed”, he said.

“I fail to understand that despite the continuous killings and bloodshed in the valley, how government announced to hold Panchayat polls in mid-February?” he said. “The situation is not conducive.”

He said when government failed to hold Parliament polls for south Kashmir constituency despite all the arrangements and campaigning by candidates, “how situation changed in the last 6 months for Panchayat polls”.

He said being a district president of National Conference; he talked to party workers regarding the Panchayat elections. “But they are not ready to participate or contest. Even people are not ready to participate particularly in south Kashmir,” he said.

“On one hand, civilian killings and bloodshed have become a routine process. Recently in Pulwama, a young woman was killed and her infant child has become an orphan. On the other side, government takes the decision of holding Panchayat polls for mere funds from Delhi,” he said.

“Does the ruling PDP-BJP and Centre want to see more killings in valley?

Replying to a question about Hizbul Mujahideen threatening of pouring acid into the eyes of those who will participate in the poll exercise, the NC district president said, “Yes, it will have consequences. There is fear among people; presently no political worker is able to come out from home due to the threat.”

“You have seen Panchayat polls in 2011; despite the conducive situation, 10-15 Panches and Sarpanches were killed by militants. Not only militants, but the youth will also disrupt the polls and can ransack the houses of the participants.”

“If government is sincere in restoring peace, it has to accept Kashmir as an issue with Pakistan as a stakeholder and include them in talks,” he said. “By doing so, to some extent we can say that peace will prevail here.” (GNS)