By Fast Kashmir on 24/01/2018.


Mr.Shafi Wani who had used all methods of harassments against young filmmakers, lost his judicial battle too for continuation of Stay

Srinagar Jan 24:- In one of the historical interim decision today delivered by the Hon’ble court of “Additional District Judge Srinagar”on interim application for vacation of Stay issued against highly anticipated movie “Half Widow”,vacated the stay accordingly after hearing arguments from both sides for several days. Renowned Advocate Mr. Sajad pleaded the case efficiently on behalf of “Half Widow”. The repeated pleadings by Mr.Shafi Wani to keep screening of film banned throughout India was not allowed to continue further by Hon’ble court.

“In Concluding para of 51 page decision Hon’ble court directed as follow in its interim judgment file number 90/M date of decision 23 /01/2018 “With these observations the interim order Dtd: 7/12 /17 whereby non applicants were directed not to release ,telecast ,exhibit, view in private or public or otherwise making public by placing on social Media the film /movie/motion picture under name ,”HALF WIDOW “shall stand Vacated .Application is accordingly disposed off and shall form part of the main file”.

It may be noted that Half Widow is Kashmir centric emotional and most tragic movie based on emotional love. Its Trailers, brief reviews ,songs sung by world famous singers and its reviews published in western countries united states, Golf countries and India , have rendered this Anticipated movie world famous and everyone is waiting for its final release. However one Mr.Shafi Wani of Khrew who has documented anti Kashmiri book with similar name had tried to mislead every one that film is replica of his book tried his best to cause tremendous damage for completion of this movie 1st of its kind from Kashmir at International Level. Immediately after he had in ex party pleading got final screening of movie banned in sequel to stay order issued by Hon’ble court of Additional District judge .He tried to misuse his Strange documented book full of canards and lies to steal world fame of film by tagging his name with it so that people try to recognize him. He in the garb of this method and other black mailing methods harassed the filmmakers demanding money and credit in most occurred manner.

When we tried to trace his book we came to know that his book is an anti Kashmir book where Kashmir is projected in most horrible manner. Even Half widow name has no relevance with the contents of the book. His book is fully anti Kashmir and full of horror scenes which he has documented in his pirated named book.

The Half widow name was first introduced 11 years and 8 years before in film documentaries and it is he who without any permission used this title while this anticipated movie “HALF WIDOW” has proper registration of its title officially granted and registered by proper Title Registration authority in Bombay.

Mr Shafi wani has surrendered all his legal rights to west Bengal Jurisdiction as per Preamble published in his 1st page of his book that his all rights are subject to West Bengal Jurisdiction. He has projected statements of political persons and parties in most unprofessional manner inside the contents of his book and instigated killings of political leaders which is totally contradictory to our true Kashmir culture the foundation of which are based on love and Ishiq as depicted truly in world famous film HALF WIDOW .

The power production publishers seem dubious body of West Bengal which has claimed to publish his book. It is one of the most money minting printing entity and west Bengal Govt. has been approached by Kashmir society international to check the authenticity of this unknown printing house which could dare to document such Anti Kashmir book and give license to its Ghost Author to violate its own declaration of having all claims of the book restricted to west Bengal .

He was challenged through the statement on 9th December to prove one dialogue one scene one character one chapter resembling with his ghost book but he has not responded till now .Therefore the legal right to fight his claim through judicial system was only option .All intellectual circles have appreciated the Hon’ble Court for its Historical interim order issued today vacating stay .In the back ground of Padmawati where Hon’ble supreme court has not banned the film in spite of extraordinary opposition from different states it is matter of honour that same spirit was adopted.

Kashmir society international will take on West Bengal jurisdictional issue seriously with West Bengal Govt. and find out why such strong enemies were all out to deprive people of globe to watch most effective and emotional true voice of Kashmir appreciated by millions of fans on social media so far only through its trailers and mesmerizing songs which enthralled thousands of fans in various festivals throughout the globe.

The team of Half Widow stands for integrity and honesty. All the team members, Crew, members, Producers, Co-Producers, Singers, Distinguished Artists, Hollywood Cameramen Experts Associated with movie , Poets Particularly Script writers of movie and other associate officials hereby deny any resemblance of the film with the said Ghost novel and has nothing to do with it and all proofs have been submitted. We respect judicial process and prove each and every point as anyone or any expert can find that both are totally different .Accordingly No one can find any fraction of resemblance even of a single word not talk of one dialogue between the two.