Stop pilferage of Waqf properties for blue-eyed businessmen: NC

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By Fast Kashmir on 18/01/2018.

Waqf planning to waste property worth 50 crores at Dargah Hazratbal

Srinagar, Jan 18: National Conference on Thursday lashed out at the PDP-BJP Government for rampant wastage and pilferage of Waqf properties to extend fixed contracts and favours to a select few, chosen businessmen. In a statement issued from NC Headquarters, ‘Nawa-e-Subha’ in Srinagar, Youth National Conference Provincial President Salman Ali Sagar said the State Govt was planning to put to waste a property worth nearly 50 crores at Dargah Hazratbal to construct a parking structure whose contract has already been promised to an influential businessman.
“Waqf properties belong to the nation and cannot be exploited and put to waste so that the businessmen cronies of the ruling dispensation can be given multi crore contracts. It is shameful that the PDP-BJP Government, which is steeped in corruption, has not even left Waqf properties out of its insatiable lust for money”, the YNC Provincial President said in a statement to KNS.
The YNC Provincial President said the Government should either compensate the Waqf and especially the Shrine of the exact market value of the property or stop any plans of construction forthwith. “Constructing a parking structure at the intended site makes no sense. It is a tailor-made project envisioned purely to benefit blue-eyed businessmen. The PDP-BJP Government in doing so is showing utter disregard and insensitivity to the devotees”, Salman Ali Sagar added.
“This Government has made corruption, nepotism and crony-capitalism official policies and operates to the exclusive benefit of a specific, rich and influential group of businessmen who call the shots, decided on high-level transfers and conceive such projects where they have already been assured tenders. The Chief Minister is personally aware of these happenings and this is happening with her permission and under her patronage. This culture of selling off the resources and assets of the nation to make the rich richer at a cost of the common man must be eradicated from the root and the ruling dispensation should realize that it’s now playing with fire”, the YNC Provincial President added. (KNS)