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By Fast Kashmir on 22/01/2018.


Srinagar, Jan 22: Social media is the most important dimension of our current world. A single status on Facebook, tweet on twitter can change the particular area to betterment or cause havoc, however, with growing use of social media, the voices are calling monitoring the activities of children on social media.
Kashmiris have vehemently used the medium and wide range of internet services to express their anger and anguish over the prevailing situation.
As a matter of fact, the netizens in Kashmiri have used multidimensional social networking sites like. Facebook and YouTube to report on the events, upload images of the protests and violence, and express their opinion on global issues.
The surfing of negativity by children on internet and social media has already become cause of concern throughout world and Kashmir is no exception.
Jaffar Allie, an Educationist states -“Time has come for the parents of Kashmir to monitor the activities of their children on Social Media and internet .Going through violent , inhuman and nude videos can have very negative consequences on our children .Plus this too much of social media and internet is killing the creativity of children and this will in future harm us a great deal .We need immediate balancing act and start monitoring our children on social media and may be persuade them to avoid it . “
The pulse on ground is that our schools and families need to create many more activties that influence the mind of our children in positive manner and rather than destroying them with a mobile at infant age more creative tools should be given to them to hone them in right direction