Triple Talaq bill in parliament aims to further alienate Indian Muslims: G.A. Mir

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By Fast Kashmir on 04/01/2018.

Says Govt. wants to pack jails with Muslims viaTriple Talaq route

Srinagar, Jan 04: The state Congress on Thursday slammed the central government over the Triple Talaq bill, terming it unconstitutional, unacceptable and unjustified.
The state Congress chief G.A. Mir told KNS that the bill is full of flaws and is aimed to harass the Muslim families across India. He said the BJP led government at centre hasn’t consulted the Muslim community while framing the bill and if passed by the parliament, it will devastate thousands of Muslim homes. There are clear indications given by the bill that the government wants to pack jails with Muslims via Triple Talaq route
Mir said that while the judgment of the Supreme Court is acceptable to one and all, however, the way in which the BJP government wants to enact the law about triple talaq is vindictive against the Muslim community. “In a bill, the centre has suggested that the man uttering talaq thrice to his wife would get a jail term for three years without any bail. But the question is who will bear the expenses of the family of the imprisoned Muslim man during his jail term. The bill is aimed to deprive Muslims in India and harass them on all fronts,” Mir said.
Commenting over the recent announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, allowing Muslim women to perform hajj without the male partner, the state Congress chief termed such an order a direct interference in the affairs of the Muslim community. “These issues should be left to decide by the Islamic scholars. Why is Modi poking his nose in every single issue of Muslims? If the government is serious in mitigating the sufferings of the Muslim community, it should address the economic, social issues in the country,” Mir told KNS. (KNS)