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By Fast Kashmir on 09/01/2018.

Uncertainty Mars Kashmir 
Sadaf Khursheed
Srinagar, Jan 09: Kashmir holds a strategically important place between India and Pakistan and has been the cause of rising tensions between the two nations since Independence in 1947, when India was partitioned into India and Pakistan and the princely states were asked to join India or Pakistan.
Pertinently, Kashmir was however temporarily accessed to India and as promised by the then Prime minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru,a plebiscite was to be done as to choose the destiny of the state according to the wishes of the people of Kashmir.
Since that time there has been a great uncertainty looming in Kashmir regarding their future – political,social as well as cultural.
“We are losing our generations to the on going conflict, depression and step motherly behaviour by the authorities,even after being capable of doing miracles,we lag behind,it’s because we are mentally disturbed”,said Sheikh Tahir, a college student.
The recent case of Abdul Manan Wani, a P.hd scholar of Aligarh Muslim University joining rebel ranks,the killing of four policemen in sopore on 6th January,the pain and sufferings on both sides of the line drawn, pointing to a time where we are clearly heading towards disaster.
“Everyday we arrest students on charge of stone pelting,drug abuse or so,it pains our hearts to see such young boys who could be the great future leaders, scholars languishing in jails because they want to take out their frustrations which this conflict has given them,thus ruining their future”,said a police officer wishing annonimity.
While many are turning to rebel ranks, there is still one question that remains unanswered “WHY”. Why would a scholar leave a promising life just to get killed one day, why would anyone plant an IED to kill innocent police men who were there to maintain law and order.
The families on both the sides suffer. And now it’s high time governments must think about the larger issues and save our coming generations. (KNB)