Yasin Malik along with others arrested while leading a protest rally at Lal Chowk against Indian army chiefs anti-Kashmir statements

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By Fast Kashmir on 19/01/2018.

 NIA intimidation; shifted to central jail


Intimidations and threats by Indian army chief can not dissuade us from pursuing the path of resistance against illegal Indian occupation // Muhammad Yasin Malik


Condemns summoning Dr. Bilquees Shah, dishonoring and Killing of a minor girl at Kuthwa Jammu…


Srinagar, Jan 19:  Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik along with Ghulam Muhammad Dar, Mushtaq Ahmad Wani and Muhammad Afzal sheikh were arrested at Budshah Chowk Lal Chowk when Yasin Sahib was leading a mammoth protest rally against Indian army chief’s intimidating statements and other Indian oppressive tactics today. Earlier thousands of people from many walks of life including senior JKLF leaders and activists gathered at Madeena Chowk Gawkadal today. Led by JKLF chairman, the participants of the rally that was called by JRL, displaying placards and raising passionate and enthusiastic slogans marched towards Lal Chowk where police and forces in large numbers halted their march. Participants on the occasion gave stiff resistance and broke police cordon and reached at Budshah Chowk. After using brutal force, police arrested JKLF chairman and others. Later JKLF chairman and Ghulam Muhammad Dar were shifted to central jail Srinagar on a judicial remand.   

Prior to the rally and arrest, JKLF chairman while talking to media said that Intimidations and threats by Indian army chief can not dissuade us from pursuing the path of resistance against illegal Indian occupation. JKLF chairman said that Kashmiris have and will never surrender before might and fascism and our march towards freedom will continue till the achievement of the desired goal. He said that by issuing statements threatening political struggle in Kashmir, Indian army chief general Rawat’s is actually paving a way for mass killings in Kashmir. We want to tell Indian General that he may be following the dictates of Nagpur to kill Kashmiris but he should at the same time remember that enduring oppression is not new for Kashmiris as in past too we have stood firm against Indian state terrorism and oppression. Recalling various attacks by Indian army and agencies in past, JKLF chairman said that In 1995 Indian occupational army and forces fired rockets, bullets and bombs at Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s residence in a pursuit to kill him, Indian army blasted a Truck Bomb Shaheed-I-Hurriyat khawaja Abdul Gani’s residence and nearly killed him along with his family, a bomb was placed in a vehicle in which me (Yasin Malik), Syed Ali Shah Geelani and others were travelling from Sopore. I was attacked at Islamabad, Langeth and many other places and nearly murdered. Intellectuals, Ulema and many people in resistance were gunned down in a bid to threat Kashmiris but failed to suppress Kashmiri sentiments, added JKLF chairman. JKLF chairman said that from last many decades, Indian army and forces killed thousands of Kashmiris, every nook and corner of this land is soaked with the blood of martyrs and graveyards of these martyrs lie in every village and town.

JKLF chairman said that Indian forces arrested and tortured thousands, thousands stand disappeared in their custody, thousands have been deprived of their eyesight by pellet terrorism, and thousands have been crippled for whole life by bullets and shells and this oppression is going on unabated till now. He said that Indian’s witnessed only one Jalianwala bagh but Kashmiris have witnessed many till now and Indian army chief must realize that all these despotic tactics have failed to cow-down Kashmiris in past and will fail in future too because suppressing a peoples movement by military might is never possible. While reciting famous Urdu couplets, Yasin Malik said that come what may, Kashmiris will continue with their resistance against illegal military occupation and no stone will be left unturned in the way. Terming the NIA charge-sheet against many resistance leaders as bogus and political vendetta, JKLF chairman said that this is like kidnapping someone to pressurize resistance leaders for having a photo session with designated interlocutor. 2016, revolution was a mass rebellion led by JRL but India wants to malign and undermine this peoples revolution by NIA and ED terrorism, added JKLF chairman. While condemning the summoning Mtr. Dr Bilquees Shah, wife of incarcerated senior resistance leader Syed Shabir Ahmad Shah by ED, JKLF chairman said that this act of Indian agencies can only be termed as shameless and brazenness. While condemning the disrespect and brutal killing of an eight old girl Asifa at Khutwa Jammu, JKLF chairman said that savages not only disrupted this innocent child but killed her too in cold blood which is highly regrettable. He said that rulers who day in and day out raise slogans like Beti-Bechaw are in deep slumber and doing nothing to nab culprits. While expressing condolences to the bereaved family of this innocent girl, JKLF chairman prayed for her heavenly abode.