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By Fast Kashmir on 09/02/2018.

JKDFP organizes function at Sopore


Shaheed Guru, Shaheed Bhat remembered

Srinagar, Feb 09: Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) today organized a function at Sopore in Shaheed Mohammad Afzal Guru’s ancestral home to exhibit solidarity with the family and to remember Shaheed Mohammad Afzal Guru and Shaheed Mohammad Maqbool Bhat on their martyrdom anniversaries. The party said that those who laid down their lives for the sacred cause of freedom are the real national and Milli heroes of Kashmiri people.

The Freedom Party delegation which participated in the function despite strict government restrictions at the residence of Shaheed Afzal Guru was led by Engineer Farooq also included Peer Anayatullah, Mohammad Amin, Rameez Ahmad, Ashiq Hussain and Ghulam Mohammad Muqdam. The delegation members while deliberating paid rich and glowing tributes to Shaheed Afzal Guru on his fifth martyrdom anniversary.

The JKDFP delegation members while addressing the present gathering at Boabgah, Sopore said that Shaheed Afzal Guru was hanged secretly only, “to satisfy the collective conscience of India” hence dishonoring the principles of humanity and justice.

The delegation members said that JKDFP chief, Shabir Ahmad Shah is currently imprisoned in the same infamous Tihar jail for advocating the just cause of martyrs where Shaheed Afzal Guru and Shaheed Maqbool Bhat were hanged and buried. This has proved beyond doubt that Kashmiri people have not given up their political demand rather it has become more and more vibrant after the sacrifices of Shaheed Guru and Shaheed Bhat.

India has been killing our freedom loving brethren ever since 1947 but New Delhi crossed all moral limits when it jailed even the remains of Shaheed Mohammad Maqbool Bhat and Shaheed Mohammad Afzal Guru in Tihar.

We stress upon the justice loving people and organisations of the world to help the families of Shaheed Guru and Shaheed Bhat to attain the remains of their martyrs, JKDFP delegation members said. We will never give up our demand that the remains of our beloved martyrs should be handed over to us, they added.

Shaheed Guru and Shaheed Bhat laid down their lives for the cause of freedom and they provided us a lesson not to surrender before oppression and suppression. We pledge to take the mission of Shaheed Guru and Shaheed Bhat to its logical conclusion, they said.

India martyred Shaheed Guru and Shaheed Bhat to crush the freedom aspiration of Kashmiri people but failed because our struggle got momentum by their precious blood. So it is high time for New Delhi to read writing on the wall and understand that Kashmiris are not going to surrender their just political demand. (KNS)