15% implement: Kupwara Contractors demand 100% clearance of pending bills

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By Fast Kashmir on 01/03/2018.

15% implement: Kupwara Contractors demand 100% clearance of pending bills


Lock treasuries if payment was not released: Contractors

Wasim Majnoon Mir

Kupwara, March 01: The contractors were demanding clearance of bills which they claimed were pending with the government. The approach of officials of the Treasuries is forcing contractors to launch an agitation against them.

Contractor told our correspondent that he has completed one of the projects of Municipality but the kupwara Treasury did not release the bill. “I approached the Treasury for the release of payment but they told me that i will get only 15%, where i was shocked , if i have completed 100% work in speculated time then why they release only 15 % payment,” he said.

Another contractor told our special Correspondent Wasim Majnoon Mir that ,”Our pending bills are not cleared by the Treasuries. All our pleas have fallen on the deaf ears. The officials in Treasury make us to frequent the offices in confusion of 15%,” a contractor said. He said they look like beggars outside these treasuries but no one is paying heed to our sufferings,“Government is leaving us with no option but to come the on-road and take harsh steps,” will lock all the treasuries if their payment was not released, he added.

One of the officer at Municipality Kupwara told our correspondent that, we have not received any order from government where the 15% will implement on our bills, we have forwarded bills to treasure office kupwara, he added.

While talking to DTO Kupwara, said that we have received order copy from finance department under order no 310-F of 2017, we will not release more than 15% of total amount of each.

Director General Accounts & Treasuries, Mohd Ishaq Wani told our correspondent Wasim Majnoon Mir, that we have to implement the govt order, he added that,”Municipal committees pay bills directly to the contractors account through banks, we don’t have any relation with municipality bills.”