Advocate Jalil ul Qadr Andrabi was a pioneer of present struggle who sacrificed his life for sacred cause

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By Fast Kashmir on 27/03/2018.

Quran Khwani on the martyrdom anniversary of Jalil Andrabi Shaheed held at JKLF offices.

Pose questions and pinpoint shortcomings but also come out with solutions and concrete proposals// Muhammad Yasin Malik while addressing Bar Seminar held on the martyrdom day of Shaheed I insaaf

SRINAGAR, 27 March: Advocate Jalil ul Qadr Andrabi was brave son of soil who despite threats chose to resist and sacrifice his life in the way truth. Pose questions and pinpoint shortcomings but also come out with solutions and concrete proposals. This was stated by the chairman of JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik while speaking at a seminar organized by bar association Kashmir in remembrance of Shaheed I insaaf Advocate Jalil ul Qadr Andrabi today. Terming Martyr Advocate Jalil ul Qadr Anrabi as a pioneer of present struggle for freedom, JKLF chairman said that he was a true son of soil who despite threats to his life never budged before oppression and sacrificed his life for the righteous cause. JKLF chairman said that besides being a commendable jurist and an intellectual he was a courageous person who till his last breath worked for the betterment of society and human rights of the people of Jammu Kashmir.

Calling unity as most valuable thing in present situation, JKLF chairman said that in 2016, leadership united to counter Indian hegemony and threats posed by RSS backed BJP government in India. We countered all oppressive plans including Separate Township for Pandits, Sainik colonies, State subject to West Pakistan refugees, repealing of state subject law and other nefarious designs of Indian rulers. In 2016, Martyr Burhan wani who lived in hearts and minds of Kashmiris, attained martyrdom and Indian colonial forces chose to shower bullets and pellets on unarmed civilians starting spree of killings, which resulted in a full-fledged peoples agitation led by JRL. He said that Indian under the present ruling regime in India intends to put us into submission. It has unequivocally and transparently announced to finish our resistance. What should we do in these circumstances? What is our duty to counter this Indian hegemony? In my view this is the time when all of us should think and act with unity and keep the flag of resistance high. We are all facing hardships and what is needed is that we should share these sufferings and hardships and face them together, Said Yasin Malik. He said that today some intellectuals, speakers and civil society people are posing questions over united leadership. These people are busy in raising questions about leadership and resistance programs and are critical of everything leadership is doing. But irony is that no one among these people is coming out with any solutions, suggestions or concrete proposals to counter Indian hegemony or continue resistance struggle, said Malik. He said that people who are running affairs in India today are following a doctrine of bullying and NIA is also being used as a bullying tool. He said that many people in Kashmir have got intimidated and now these people come out with statements against unity and leadership so that oppressor is pleased with them. He said that today we need to strengthen unity as it is a tool with which we can counter oppression of India and anyone trying to harm this unity is knowingly or unknowingly strengthening the hands of India. JKLF chairman said that come what may, we cannot and will never surrender before tyranny, illegal occupation and military might and our struggle for freedom and self determination will continue till the sacred goal is achieved. InshaAllah.

Meanwhile on the martyrdom day of Shaheed I insaaf Advocate Jalil Ul Qadr Andrabi, a prayer meeting was held at JKLF head office in Srinagar and other district offices. Special congregational prayers and Quran Khwani was held on the occasion .led By JKLF chairman, various JKLF leaders, scores of activists and admirers of martyrs in large numbers participated in the prayer meetings. Various leaders on the occasion addressed the meeting and paid rich tributes to Shaheed I insaaf