After pushing state to brink of disaster, PDP-BJP eroding institutions: Dr Veeri

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By Fast Kashmir on 01/03/2018.


Addresses party workers in Anantnag

Anantnag, Mar 01: Senior National Conference Leader Dr Bashir Ahmad Veeri on Wednesday blamed PDP-BJP Collation government for pushing state to the era of darkness and eroding the established institutions of Jammu and Kashmir.

While addressing party workers’ meet in Anantnag, Dr Veeri said, “During last three years due to the wrong policies of PDP-BJP government, the law and order situation in the state has turned grim and now the government has turned to erode all the established institutions by resorting to malpractices despite promising good and transparent governance.”

He castigated coalition government of damaging institutions beyond repair by appointing dubious people as heads of institutions who are resorting to illegal means by passing established mechanism of such institutions to promote nepotism, favoritism, corruption, political affiliation & consideration.

He said that surfacing of scandals in appointment to public sector undertakings is just the tip of iceberg leading to appointments already under scanner in JK Bank and inflation of number of casual labours from sixty thousand to one lac largely comprised of PDBJP workers. These brazen violations have sent a wave of disappointment among the aspiring youth of state and its negative impact is palpable in South Kashmir where youth is further pushed towards radicalism out of disillusionment and lack of transparency.

All these developments are evolving in loss of faith of youth in recruitment policy of state which is further contributing in the growing anger of educated youth in the system all across the state.
Veeri said that Kashmiri Youth became the first causality of the wrong policies of the present government and the situation isn’t expected to get normal if the trend of intimidation and nepotism continues.

Lashing out at PDP-BJP government for failing to provide secure environment to Kashmiri youth outside state, Veeri said that some fringe elements and groups are making inroads in the state with the full backing of government.
“Such fringe elements and groups took out rallies in support of rapists and murderers in Jammu but the state government doesn’t act or stop them which expose the fact that this government is supporting these groups,” he added.

Dr Veeri also lashed out at District administration for diverting flood relief money to non-bonafide beneficiaries belonging to a particular political party and ruling family in Bijbehara town and demanded a high level probe into the matter.
Dr Veeri stressed on workers to strengthen the base of the party in the region to face forth coming challenges with zeal and determination. (KNS)