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By Fast Kashmir on 10/03/2018.

Srinagar, March 10: Strongly condemning the house imprisonment of Syed Geelani, Hurriyat Conference said the imprisonment of its leaders has ‘no constitutional and moral justification and police is suppressing their peaceful voices just with the barrel of gun.’

Hurriyat said that police have ‘invented a new process of house arrests and banning of political activities of Geelani and other leaders.

Police and authorities never produced any legal justification for this illegal house arrest process and they never explained that under which act or section of the law is Geelani being imprisoned in his house. This lawlessness continued in the period of Omar Abdullah and now PDP government is following the suite in its rule,” the statement added.

Today nobody was allowed to meet Syed Ali Geelani and even staff members and relatives were stopped by police, said Hurriyat conference

Police contingent frisk everyone who want to meet Syed Ali Geelani and while lashing at Mehbooba Mufti led administration, spokesman said while in opposition benches, she often criticised National Conference for placing Geelani under continuous house arrest and now in treasury benches, she is following the foot prints of Omer Abdullah.

Since past seven years, Syed Ali Geelani has been barred from offering religious obligations and Eid prayers and even denied to attend funerals, statement said and added that today more contingent of police were deployed and no one was allowed to meet him.

During all this period he is being neither allowed to venture out nor allowed to offer religious obligations, saying ailing leader is suffering from multiple ailments and undue restrictions and curbs is taking heavy tool on his health.

Hurriyat while strongly denouncing the PDP led coalition said that their rhetoric about “battle of ideas” proved a hoax and despite their tall claims about freedom of expression, they are chasing political leaders, strangulating genuine voices, curbing peaceful political activities and implicating and caging leadership on fake allegations.

 Spokesman condemned the continued house detention of its chairman Syed Ali Geelani, saying that “stopping pro-freedom leaders from performing their religious and social responsibilities is gross violation of human rights and interference in the personnel and religious rights.”

  What is the justification in turning his residence into a sub-jail,” the Hurriyat spokesman, in a statement today, said, adding that “nobody and not even media and his family members can meet him.

We are not afraid of state power and threats, nor will we budge”, saying people will follow freedom struggle and show resentment despite all odds.

“We will never accept supremacy or hegemony of India and will oppose forcible occupation and pursue over genuine struggle till dispute is resolved as per aspirations of people ,said ,spokesman and added that this is  simply a psychological war to break our resolve,”

 Spokesman said that “whenever we ask the policemen to justify the restrictions, they instead of producing any written order, refer the commandments of higher authorities, saying they are obeying their superiors’’.

Terming these curbs as ‘state terrorism’, the spokesman said, “such cowardice acts are unjustified, unethical and illogical.

The unjustified curbs and continuous detention is taking heavy tool on his health, spokesman said and added if any untoward happens to him, New Delhi and “local rulers” shall have to face the consequences. (CNS)