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By Fast Kashmir on 01/03/2018.

Bandipora Municipality – a failed Department

Bandipora, Mar 01: Since last few years we know whole of India is being cleaned under Swach Bharat Abhiyan, toilets are being made, new ways to recycle waste are being put into place , many awareness programmes on cleanness are being launched , but Important North Kashmir District Bandipora for no reason is being neglected.

As one enters the Bandipora town, garbage heaps can be seen greeting people everywhere from main town to villages. Shopkeepers of the area allege that due to the stink coming from accumulated garbage people avoid coming to their shops. Municipal department has failed to maintain clean Bandipora and neither are there proper dumping sites .

“The cleanness of Bandipora is being badly neglected. Foul smell emanates from the garbage lying in open and it has made our lives difficult. Water bodies of Bandipora are getting dirtier due to this. Steps should be taken to activate Municipal committee Bandipora in right direction,” said Ghulam Mohammad, a Shopkeeper.

During summer times it becomes even more difficult to walk from the markets of the area as there are mosquitoes and some other insects that keep on lying on the garbage.
Lack of cleanness and heaps of garbage have ensured that stray dogs problem continues to mar the district. (KNB)