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By Fast Kashmir on 16/03/2018.

dialogue, calls Prof Bhat

Srinagar, March 16: While speaking to a huge gathering in a grand masque in his native village at
Batingoo Zaingir, the head of Muslim Conference (MC) Professor Abdul Gani Bhat explained with
reference to divine wisdom that people need strategies to score victories individually as well as
collectively in the battlefields of life. The professor turned politician drew attention in his speech of all
such as matter in terms of tomorrows dispensation in his own style as well as in time with his own sense
of history that Afghanistan and Kashmir constitute a threat to world peace.
To substantiate his observation Prof Bhat choose to quote a verse in Kashmiri language where
Afghanistan and Kashmir are equated to each other as a pitcher upon a pitcher which may, if and when
carelessly and harshly touched would break and spill a disaster –––– the linkage between Afghanistan
and Kashmir is understandably revealing. Don’t sleep over it. Call the verse whatever you like–––– “A
prediction, a puzzle or proverb” he said.
“But never forget the verse does point interestingly to Kabul, Kandahar and Kashmir conjointly which is
what it is ––– that the cries in Afghanistan constitute a threat to peace and stability in the region”.
The evolving situation in the region and the dangers inherent in it, termed Prof Bhat as menacingly
Look at the convergence ––– intriguing convergence of Amarica, Chana , India and Pakistan in
Afghanistan. In conjunction with two hostile nuclear states of India and Pakistan in Kashmir and draw
the conclusion in the end, cautioned Prof Bhat.
Prof Bhat said that the threat to peace in the region is in no case to be dismissed as just imaginary and
not real. The situation being what it is, let the international committee rise to help encourage parties to
a purposeful dialogue with a view not only banishing the ghosts of confrontation but also more
importantly in the larger interests of promoting permanent peace and achieving genuine development
in the South Asian region.