Criminal act being given communal colour: CPI (M)

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By Fast Kashmir on 03/03/2018.

Criminal act being given communal colour: CPI (M)

Questions presence of two BJP ministers at rally to protest Kathua rape case arrests

JAMMU, MARCH 3: Questioning the presence of two senior BJP ministers at a rally organised by a fringe right-wing group protesting against the arrest of a man accused of raping and murdering an 8-year-old girl in Kathua, Secretary Jammu regional committee of CPI (M) Sham Prasad Kesar Saturday said that a criminal act is being given communal colour which is unfortunate.

In a statement issued here Kesar said that the brutal and inhuman rape and murder of Asifa is becoming controversial day-by-day with some people trying to give a criminal act a communal colour.

“Two senior BJP ministers attended a rally organised by the Hindu Ekta Manch, a right wing group at Kuta, Hiranagar where they asked the police not to arrest anyone. They even called the investigation of the Crime Branch, which is being monitored by the high court, as ‘jungle raj’. If it is ‘jungle raj’ then which government these two ministers represent,” he asked.

“It is irony that the ministers are questioning the probe ordered by the state government, of which they are the part. Crime Branch is a professional state government agency. Even the BJP has officially issued a statement that what is the objection to hand over the case to the CBI. They can be questioned why the BJP and its two ministers, who are part of the State Government, are questioning the credibility of state institutions,” Kesar said.

Terming the demand of the release of the accused in the brutal rape-and-murder case as most shameful act and against the human values, he said the rally is an indication of dangers confronting Jammu and Kashmir. By supporting the accused the ‘Hindu Ekta Manch’ has shamelessly displayed their communal intentions.

A criminal is a criminal irrespective of his caste, colour and creed and must be dealt according to law. By evoking emotions and giving communal colour to Asifa’s rape and murder, these fringe elements are committing a heinous crime against the humanity.

Civil society, political groups and saner voices in Jammu are strong and they should unitedly fight for the justice to the tender soul Asifa, who was raped and brutally murdered by the enemies of humanity. They should unite and isolate the fringe elements, who want to communalise the situation in Jammu by holding marches in favour of enemies of humanity. Such acts will embolden criminals and lead to a chaotic and uncontrollable situation in the state. There should be no room for those who shield the criminals under the one garb or the other.