Crucial role for NC to steer out J&K from morass created by BJP-PDP alliance: Sajjad Shaheen

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/03/2018.

Crucial role for NC to steer out J&K from morass created by BJP-PDP alliance: Sajjad Shaheen

Urges Youth to become Agents of change

Banihal, Mar 11: Envisioning crucial role for National Conference in steering out Jammu and Kashmir from morass created by PDP-BJP alliance, NC district president Sajjad Shaheen on Sunday said the people feel dejected and let down by abject failure of the Government on every front.
While addressing a youth convention organised by Party’s Youth Wing of Panchayat Chaknarwah in Banihal Constituency, Shaheen called upon the youth to become agents of change and said that the state is passing through very difficult times where on one hand youth of the state are being pushed against the wall and on the other hand a conspiracy is being hatched to vitiate communal harmony in the state and it is the youth who have an important and a valuable role to play in addressing some of the most significant and inter related challenges faced by the people.
The District president said that the anti-people policies of the PDP-BJP dispensation have brought the state at the volatile cross roads of history where nothing is visible except uncertainty, fear and harassment. “The scenario across the state particularly Kashmir Valley is so grim that the people are apprehensive about their safety with economic activity and development coming to grinding halt”, he said, adding that the spree of lawlessness has further vitiated the atmosphere. The current insensitive dispensation has exposed people to administrative inertia, as a result of which they were suffering on all fronts, He added..
He further said PDP was singularly responsible for the continued bloodshed and mayhem in the state. “It is PDP which alienated and angered the youth of Kashmir by taking the 2014 mandate and surrendering it before BJP for the promise of power. They sought the support and help of these disgruntled youth in 2014 under the plank of stopping the march of BJP but ended up joining the same BJP to attain power.
Shaheen cautioned people against divisive politics being played by the ruling coalition with an eye on carving out vote banks by inciting passions and exploiting delicate public sentiments referring to the situation that has erupted in Kathua after heinous act of rape and murder of an eight year old nomad girl.
He said a decisive battle is needed to be fought against divisive forces, who have taken central stage by exploiting regional and religious sentiments to further their myopic and nefarious political agenda. This can be possible only when youth come forward in a big way and help in changing the political discourse by forging unity and strengthening the bonds of amity between different segments of society and different regions of the state, he added .
A large number of youth from PDP & Congress joined National Conference in presence of the leader which include Altaf Hussain Sohil, Bilal Ahmed Drabu, Shamasuddin Sohail, Tariq Ahmed Suhail, Ghulam Nabi Khanday, Basharat Bilal Drabu, Nasir Yousaf Drabu, Javed Koka, Sameer Drabu, Rafiq Bohroo, Nazir Ahmed, Zahid Khan, Manzoor Ahmed, Ab Rashid Khan, Ab Rashid Draboo, Javed Iqbal Sohail.
Distt Vice President Saif ud Din Dar, Block Presidents Haji Abdul Ahad Shan, Mihd Khalil Sohil, Riyaz Ahmed Mir, Youth leaders Tariq Ahmed Dar, Parvez Ahmed Sohil, Mashqoor Ahmed Draboo, Mohd Ashraf Koka, Shoket Nabi Bohroo, Mohd Umar Sohil, Javed Ahmed Wani, Zubair Drabu and others also spoke in the meeting. (KNS)