Experts sound respiratory alarm after massive fire in forests

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By Fast Kashmir on 31/03/2018.

‘Increase in carbon can deteriorate the health’

Srinagar, Mar 31: Following the massive blaze in forest areas across the Valley, the Environmentalists in Kashmir cautioned of respiratory problem, saying that the problems will arise to those who are living nearer to the fire hit forest areas.
Environmentalists in Kashmir told Kashmir News Service (KNS) that the worrisome situation has aroused after the major fire incident in different parts of Valley has engulfed almost everything in its ambit.
Experts say that the losses are irreparable and people living in close by areas are prone to get respiratory problems.
“Fire incidents in forests lead to the ecological disturbances and due to fire, the increase in Carbon dioxide poses a serious threat to Humans health besides, plants, animals and, also causing a loss of habitat,” Says Faheem Bashir, an environmental research scholar.
He added that when the trees burn, the carbon is released immediately and increased carbon dioxide concentration affects humans’ viz respiratory problems, breathing problems, Anoxia and Hypoxia.
“When the larger portion of forest area disappears, there is no regulation of the flow into the water. As a result floods and droughts alternate in the affected areas,” he said.
Experts in the Valley believe that Wildfires are typically either started accidentally by humans – such as a burning cigarette carelessly – or by natural causes like lightning.
They say that the most important cause that is been sidelined is that the prevailing climate conditions that have become warmer and drier – due to climate change.
Another environmentalist while talking to KNS said that when Carbon dioxide enters the human body, it forms carboxyhemoglobin, which reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.
While talking to KNS, Director State Disaster Management Aamir Ali said that the losses are irreparable and no one can ignore its impact on the environment and economy.
“It won’t be appropriate to tell the estimate of loss that has occurred due to the fire,” he said, adding that fire is deadly, it destroys wildlife habitat and timber, and polluting the air with emissions harmful to human health.
“While going to forest one must follow the do’s and don’t’s of that place because a small mistake can damage the entire ecosystem.
Chairman Rahim Greens Abdul Hamid Bhat who has planted one lakh, forty-five thousand trees in six years say that it is very tragic to see your forests burning. “We may not be able to feel it now but in coming years the people will realize the impact such fires have on us.” (KNS)