First I visited Kashmir in June’17 from Surat, Gujarat, India

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By Fast Kashmir on 26/03/2018.

First I visited Kashmir in June’17  from Surat, Gujarat, India

My name is Miss Maitry Mehta. I am from Surat, Gujarat, India. By profession I am and interior designer and free lancer.

By, Basharat Akhoon

First I visited Kashmir in June’17.

Well, from childhood my parents and my maternal grand parents were use to tell, Kashmir must be paradise place, people talk a lot about its beauty when they go and visit, but Sad, they never been there so finally I decided to visit Kashmir on my way to Ladakh-Kargil 23 Days solo trip.

First time I just visited Patnitop & Srinagar & Sonamarg and I was stunned by beauty and specially people. If I will start writing about Kashmiri people I can write whole book.

My another trip was in September but unfortunately I just landed in Srinagar and the same day evening I came to know mother health got worst, she will have to go through surgery and next day I took a flight srinagar to Mumbai.
3rd trip was in December when I visited srinagar , Kangan, aru valley, pahalgam, betaab valley, drung, Gulmarg.
4th trip was 21 Days longest one 16th January to 5th Feb, in this trip I learnt basic Ski 15 Days and explores so many small small places.

Yes I always traveled solo to Kashmir. I’m a solo traveler and I traveled more than 7 states alone of india and never went back to same state or particular place again accept Kashmir, this line itself speaks everything about Kashmir. Believe me, in india 22 years old beautiful girl can never feel safe everywhere but kashmir is exceptional. Kashmir is most safe place I ever visited. Kashmiri men don’t have dirt about women in their mind at all. Kashmiris would go out of their way to help you in their land. The conflicts news we use to watch in TV, I never seen that portrayed Kashmir anyday, believe me..!

Kashmir is my second home, I promised myself no matter what I would visit Kashmir and my dozen Kashmiri (Handsome??) friends atleast once in a year.

Whenever I think about Kashmiri people sitting in Gujarat I get Tears of Happiness in my eyes with smile, Kashmiri people kindness, care, love and most important Mehmaan navazi (Hospitality) is out of anybody’s imaginary. From fruit sellers to medical shop man to shared sumo co passengers no one would forget to greet you with smile and care, you won’t believe Kashmiri people make sure with you that if you’re not falling short of funds (money) when you’re traveling for many days..! Like really , have you ever seen this good people in your life ..!? If you got some health problem in between your travel they won’t show you route to hospital they’ll take you to hospital. If it’s late co passengers around you will tell you not to travel to your destination and stay at their place (yes, not at hotel) and have dinner with them. Most beautiful and smiling people of most beautiful valley. They alltime just make sure you’re well, you’re safe, you’re feeling good etc. I never seen people like Kashmiris and their culture.

While learning ski I got some serious skin infections, frozen bites and snow blisters on my face and other parts of body and I was not going to doctor and one Kashmiri elder brother just took me after seeing me in fever and these many problems and he told me just to lock my mouth and not to make any excuses not to go to doctor.
In Anantnag once I fell down in main market, I was going to pahalgam, was already in fever and low blood pressure and travelling, just bunch of people came to me and were ready to take me to medical shop, fruit seller Uncle gave me a apple, someone bought water bottle to me. I cried a lot on call with my mom on call after I reached pahalgam with happiness I told my mom if I was in fever and BP problems in surat even you won’t take care like today some people helped.
And so Many incidents are there obviously..!