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By Fast Kashmir on 18/03/2018.

‘India continues to institutionally perpetrate violence in JK’

Srinagar, Mar 18: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Sunday slammed Home Minister Rajnath Singh for his statement, “wherein he has said that Indian forces can cross the border to protect country’’.
Those in power corridors, follow their particular mindset and just for lust of chair and for vote bank issue such irrational and illogical statements against Pakistan and Kashmir, added Geelani.
Blaming Indian leadership for the prevailing “political uncertainty, chaos and for creating war euphoria in sub-continent, Geelani said that their approach is irrelevant and this illustrates their deceit.
Geelani out rightly rejected the claims made by Rajnath Singh wherein he has said that’ “Kashmir is with India and Kashmir will remain with India forever.” Geelani asserted that Indian leaders while ignoring and undermining the historical facts are creating war euphoria in the region and trampling all norms and ethics.
Syed Ali Geelani has sought the intervention of the international community in the wake of “a new wave of state terror unleashed by the Indian armed forces” in Jammu and Kashmir, saying that people under the shadow of gun are continuously living a disturbing life. Geelani alleged that “India continues to institutionally perpetrate violence in Jammu and Kashmir and create disturbance on borders, saying they are pushing whole region into war like situations.
They are irresponsible, said Geelani while blaming Indian leadership for initiating mad race for war weaponry in the region and added that, “we will never surrender or succumb to pressure, saying that we will pursue our cherished mission till its logical conclusion.’’
It is very sad that instead of making their forces accountable for inhuman acts, killings, violation of human values, loot and plunder, the leadership in New Delhi are encouraging them and conferring these forces with honour and medals, saying it illustrates their frustration and their stale and fanatical ideology.
The situation in Jammu Kashmir is quite explosive, said Geelani and blamed India for creating graveyard like silence with their might and force. Lamenting authorities for laying curbs on political activities, rampant use of black laws and hooliganism, saying the infuriated, provocative and inflammatory statements of Indian leadership are adding fuel to fire.
Geelani in his statement appealed to India and Pakistan to demonstrate restraint and wisdom and play a constructive role for peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue which, he said, poses a threat to world peace.
Meanwhile, paying rich tributes to slain youth Owais Ahmad in Balhama gunfight, Syed Ali Geelani today said “our youth lay their lives to end the age-old slavery of their nation & putting a huge responsibility on our shoulders to honour these sacrifices and take the movement to its logical end.
Meanwhile, Syed Ali Geelani in his telephonic address to mourners while extending condolences with bereaved families, said: “Our youth are sacrificing their present for the betterment of our tomorrow.”
“They are writing a history with their blood, which puts a huge responsibility on us to safeguard these sacrifices and never to compromise with the mission,” he said.
Blaming pro-Indian parties for present appalling situations, Geelani said that they are responsible for this forced occupation and urged people to stay away from these parties and never bargain with them for pity interests.
Syed Ali Geelani, added that, “we have nourished this movement with the blood of our six lakh martyrs, and added that tyrant forces cannot dominate us as long as we are alive. We have resolved that we will not allow anyone, to play with our density, or barter against pious blood of martyrs, said he.
Meanwhile on the directions of Geelani Sahab Tehreek-e-Hurriyat delegation comprising Umar Aadil Dar, Ishfaq Ahmad Khan, Mohammad Rafiq and Tariq Ahmad visited Shaheed Owais’s home at Nowdal Tral, where they conveyed the condolence message of Geelani sahab to the bereaved family.
Umar Aadil Dar while addressing on the occasion paid glorious tributes to Shaheed Owais and added that precious lives and blood given by these Martyrs will not be given to go vain.
He further said that brave nations never forget these brave sons of soil who sacrificed their precious and pious lives for Islam and also for the betterment of nation. (KNS)