“GST is not applicable on MRP ” , NACHRCI Chairman

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/03/2018.

“GST is not applicable on MRP ” , NACHRCI Chairman


Jammu, March 08: National Chairman – National Anti-Crime Human Rights Council of India reveal the facts and said today that “GST is not applicable on MRP”, where the people has welcomed the Government decision and direction on single entry tax, but due to wrong interpretation of the legal provisions in the hotels and restaurants, customers and consumers are being overcharged or illegally victimized on the basis of GSTs on MRP, it is very known that selling product above MRP and overcharging is totally illegal and an offense by the eye of law. Due to ignorant and lack of knowledge crores of people are being victimized throughout India these days and are compelled to pay the extra amount while buying the sealed product like “beverages, food items, soft drinks, chips etc. sold in the air conditioned bar and restaurant”.
The said information has been revealed by Dr. Mohammad Safdar Mustafa, National Chairman, National Anti-Crime Human Rights Council of India has published information on the basis of his written complaint and RTI response, in the month of September ‘2017 he stayed at Delhi hotels and the hotel manager forced him to pay the Kinley sealed bottle at Rs. 33/- instead of Rs. 20/-, later he opposed and ultimately agreed to pay according to the acknowledged bill, at last the hotel Manager issued the bills of Rs. 33/- without any hesitation.
In continuation to it, the issue has been raised for the sake of Humanity and public interest to the respective authorities H’ble Finance Minister, Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs, Ministry of Tourism and Development, Government of India and the Chief Minister, Government of Delhi, through his written complaint letter, under the guidance of the Government, the resolution were passed by Ministry of Tourism and Development, while revising and adding the above issues on its national portal http://tourism.gov.in/, the FAQs GST, Section 3, Question 2, clearly stated that, whether any additional GST rate will be applicable if packaged goods like water, soft drinks, chips etc. already having MRP label, sold through minibars or as packaged beverages in A/C or non A/C restaurants?
No, tax cannot be levied above MRP of the goods during his action taken phase and the other department took appropriate action on this initiative and suggestion and under this the order, the Chairman, National Anti Crime Human Rights Council Of India has requested the Press media team to spread the order for the sake of awareness as much as possible so the people can raise their voice and humbly requested the concerning department to look upon it and do the special audit check time to time during this summer season, so the general public could be deprived of this overcharging.