Hakeem cautions against communalizing rape-murder case of Kathua nomadic girl

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By Fast Kashmir on 03/03/2018.


Jammu, Mar 3: Chairman PDF and MLA Khansahib Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen has cautioned about the disastrous consequences of communalizing the situation arising out of rape and killing of 8 year old nomadic girl child in Rasana village of Hiranagar Kathua adding that politicizing this tragic human tragedy is very sham full.

Hakeem Yaseen said that some people both in kashmir and jammu areas are trying to use this human tragedy as a triumph card to gain political scores notwithstanding the fact that communalising the situation shall have disastrous consequences for the whole state.

He has urged for observing utmost wisdom and maturity to deal with the emerging situation so that it may not flare up into communal frenzy and hatred between the communities. “Let Law take its course,” Hakeem said while asking politicians to keep off their hands from the issue. He said interference of politicians and vested interests in this ugly and unfortunate incident would only escalate tensions thereby hampering its fair trial.

Hakeem Yaseen has asked the Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti to go through sensitivity of the issue with utmost seriousness and care as efforts are being made to use it for creating hatred and wedge between the communities and regions.

He cautioned that if the matter was not handled with all precautions, the situation may drift away from the hands of administration and its responsibility will lie on the Government. (CNS)