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By Fast Kashmir on 12/03/2018.


Kashmir News Bureau

Srinagar, Mar 12: The Senior PDP leader and State Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu has kicked a political storm. Speaking at an event themed ‘Kashmir: The Way Forward’ at New Delhi, Drabu was quoted by media saying that people need to introspect over nature and origins of situation in the state and how it can be resolved.

“Don’t see J&K as a conflict state and a political issue, it is a society which has social issues right now. We are trying to find our own space and we are going through a process which many other countries are also going through,” Drabu was quoted.

Abdul Majeed Larmi, the NC’s MLA from Homeshalibugh constituency in Kulgam district, while talking to The Kashmir News Bureau stated – “

It is all match fixing as the statement of Haseeb Drabu was given in consultation with CM Mehbooba to test the waters and they know if the statement hugely backfires then the central Government is ready to accommodate him at top level .The PDP has conceded everything of it’s core ideology as people had voted for them they might prove better in contrast to Kashmir in solving Kashmir issues .

PDP has also given up the slogan of its self rule the day it signed the agenda of alliance with BJP .The statement of Haseeb Drabu has no connection with ground realities but it is given in full collaboration with party leadership .PDP via it’s misguided policies and mis-governance is taking state to dark ages .”

On the otherhand, taking very serious note of the statement made reportedly by the Finance Minister DrHaseeb A Drabu at a function in New Delhi regarding the nature of problems in J&K, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Vice President Mohammad SartajMadni has asked the minister to retract the statement immediately if it has been reported correctly in the media.

Pertinently, Madni advised all the senior leaders to be careful in their statements and observations while commenting on the basic political philosophy and core agenda of the party.

Interestingly enough, “ Your statement has the potential of creating a serious dent in the image and credibility of the party. Therefore you are advised to explain as to why statement detrimental to party interests was made,” reads a notice issued by chairman PDP’s disciplinary committee AR Veeri to Drabu.

Pro-freedom polity also blasted Haseeb Drabu statement. “It is classic example of a person trying to act like a lawyer in politics who has no ideology, faith and ethics but is always ready to represent his clients’ wishes and whims”, said Yaseen Malik, while reacting to Drabu’s statement at a conclave organised by Indian PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry at New Delhi.

The JKLF Chairman said issuing “ridiculous and absurd” statements in a pursuit to distort historical facts could only be termed as naivety and ignorance.

He said “Drabu-like collaborators” want to prove their loyalty to their masters in Delhi and Nagpur by issuing statements like these but these people should know that facts do not change by “mincing words and coining new terms.”

Political Analyst Inam un Nabi , while talking to The Kashmir News Bureau stated -” Haseeb Drabu statement is totally without any substance and sense .It looks he is day dreaming while giving statements on serious and burning issues .The global burning political Dispute of Kashmir does not need any certificate from Haseeb Drabu whose whole concern seems to be power and more power without any principles . This statement also shows that PDP is achieving moral Bankruptcy and the slogan of self rule has been thrown into dustbin. His take on sufferings and pain of Kashmir is a new low that so called mainstream politics has achieved in our part of the world .”

The statement of Haseeb Drabu is no less than a self goal by him drawing flak from all the quarters.