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By Fast Kashmir on 07/03/2018.

claims of being secular and tolerant bulldozed to earth.

Srinagar, 07, March :Appealing Indian politicians and Policy makers to wake up and learn lessons from what the intolerant and radical elements are doing in India…AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has said that domolishing statues of those who were its own legends has exposed the level of radicalization within indian society.

In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said, ” Just for ideological difference, the way different groups are destroying statues of Lenin, Ambedkar, Periyar and others is deplorable and condemnable. It seems evident that there is a huge gap over distrust between various school of thoughts when it comes to religious, social or political ideology. Those accusing Muslims especially Kashmiris of promoting radicalization and giving them sermons of tolerance stand exposed after dirty scenes are being seen at Tripura, Calcutta, Karnataka and Meerut. While Muslims and Dalit’s have been crying everyday about the injustices and discriminations with them but nobody would bother to pay them any heed and would dump the organized display of religious intolerance by calling it propaganda against Indian state.

However now when Indians are destroying statues of those with who’s philosophy and ideology some one doesn’t agree, it is enough to redd down the lines that where India is heading to”. Er Rasheed added that New Delhi and it’s proxies would often abuse Muslims and Kashmiris by creating Caliphate euphoria and give a notion as if Muslims are the only intolerant community on earth and muzzling their voice is a service to humanity, but now when followers of different religious and Political thoughts are not tolerating even the statues of their opponents, no one is safe in India he said, ” One needs not to forget that when Taliban were accused of demolishing few statues in Bamyaan, whole world got united against them and destroyed their kingdom, which were otherwise doing justice with every section of society without being biased.

One has a right to know if Indians named, shamed and defamed then Taliban regime and even correlated many incidents in Kashmir with the Talibani act of demolishing statues, what should be given the name to all that happening from Meerut to Calcutta. With every passing day the Hindu radical elements are gaining power not only on streets but in Govt as well and India seems to be becoming most radical and intolerant country.

” Er Rasheed added that the act of destroying statues of Lenin by rightest forces and then the other similar incidents in different parts of country have bulldozed the claims of India being a tolerant, secular, inclusive, moderate and vibrant democratic society.  He added if Indians would condemn the Talibani acts in Afghanistan then entire India should own the fact that Talibanization of India is being implemented on a war footing basis in India.