JKLF holds a peaceful protest march in Azad Kashmir against killings of Kashmiris on ceasefire line (LoC); Thousands participate with passion and fervor

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By FK WEB DESK on 17/03/2018.

Play as arbitrators not fight fighters and save the lives of Kashmiris….// Muhammad Yasin Malik to United Nations and international community…………..

Condemns unprovoked firing and shelling by Azad Kashmir police on JKLF peaceful protest

Srinagar// (17th March 2018)// Kashmiris are being killed on ceasefire line (LoC) on daily basis but no one among the international community seems to bother. Instead of playing as firefighters, United Nations should play the role of an arbitrator and push for an early resolution of Kashmir issue. Aggression by Azad Kashmir police on peaceful rally against ceasefire line firings, in which many people have been injured, is most condemnable. The battle for freedom is long and I request JKLF activists and well-wishers to remain peaceful and show maximum restraint while treading the path of freedom. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik in a press statement issued to the media today.

Earlier on 16th March 2018, a historical peoples March was taken out from Tatapani to Madarpora in Azad Kashmir. Organized by Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Azad Kashmir/Pakistan chapter, against direct shelling and firings by Indian army and forces on common citizens living alongside the ceasefire line in Jammu Kashmir especially on Azad Kashmir side in which, men, women, children and cattle are being killed with impunity and crops, residential houses and other public properties are being destroyed, the march was led by JKLF senior vice chairman Abdul Hamid Butt sahib and attended by all the senior leaders and members of JKLF. Delegations from UK, Europe, UAE and Saudi Arabia also participated in the long march. Thousands of people including women, men, youth and children participated in the long march with great passion and fervor. This peaceful march started from Tatapani and reached Madarpur where the participants held a peaceful Sit-in against Indian firing and shelling that has till now killed dozens, injured hundreds and destroyed properties worth millions. The protest sit-in was being addressed by JKLF leaders when some personal from Azad Kashmir police started unproved firing and shelling on protesters injuring many among whom some are said to be serious.

While condemning this senseless police firing on peaceful protesters by Azad Kashmir police, JKLF chairman has said that Kashmiris are being killed at blood soaked ceasefire Line (LOC) with impunity but international community is sleeping in deep slumber as if nothing is happening in Kashmir. Terming this silence of the international community especially the United Nations Security Council and its worthy members on growing violations at ceasefire line (LoC) as most unfortunate, JKLF chairman said that United Nations instead of issuing hollow statements should fulfill its responsibility and intervene to save humans from this catastrophe. He said that United Nations (UN), Security Council and its worthy members should act as arbitrators not as mere firefighters and stop reckless shelling and firings on Cease fire line (LoC) in Kashmir. He said that from last 70 plus years UN and international community always calls for restraint between India and Pakistan but is doing nothing to get rid-off the root cause of this conflict which is causing and creating tension between two nuclear powers and which can bring this whole region to a nuclear calamity any day. He said that resolution of this long standing issue which is confronting peace and stability of south Asian region and the whole world can only ensure the lasting peace and stability of this whole region and as such international community should play its positive role to ensure an early resolution of this dispute. He said that Kashmiris are facing Indian aggression from last 70 plus years, during which Lakhs of Kashmiris have been killed, injured, arrested and destroyed with impunity. He said that every little space on peaceful political activities has been choked and thousands languishing in Jails are facing wrath of the occupational forces. Many Kashmiri inmates have been shifted to jails in Jammu and are now facing torture and aggression of the state which is highly condemnable, Yasin Malik said.

Congratulating the leadership of JKLF Azad Kashmir and Pakistan chapter for their historical protest march against attacks on common Kashmiri citizens alongside ceasefire line (LoC), JKLF chairman said that our struggle for freedom is a long drawn struggle during which we have to keep our passion intact, show maximum restraint and keep treading the path of truth and resistance.