Kashmir dispute never be resolved through trade of fire, says Jama’at

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By Fast Kashmir on 19/03/2018.

Kashmir dispute never be resolved through trade of fire, says Jama’at


Address root cause of bloodshed, conflict’

Srinagar, Mar 19: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir while expressing its deep sympathy with those families whose members got killed and those who got injured due to firing between Indo-Pak armies on the LoC, Monday asked the United Nations Organization to intervene in this grievous matter and go to the root cause of this bloodshed and conflict.

“Not only on the LoC but even throughout the valley the bloodshed of innocent civilians is going on since 1990 and the human rights of the innocent people are badly violated. It is all because of the pendency of the seventy years long Kashmir issue which is not settled as per the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir as promised to them through the UN resolutions accepted by both India and Pakistan,” Jama’at said in a statement issued to KNS.

The spokesperson said that the people have been demanding their cherished right to self-determination since 1947 but their genuine voice is muzzled by dint of state power with the result that the civilian population is very badly suffering and they have been deprived of all the basic freedoms available to all human beings.

“Thousands of them got killed, thousands maimed, thousands detained and even the people are not enable to live a peaceful and free life. The populated areas are cordoned off at any time during the day time or night and kept under the siege of armed forces at times for days together for no fault of them. The sanity demands that their genuine voice be patiently heard and their grievances justly redressed by holding a tripartite dialogue between the people of Jammu and Kashmir, governments of India and Pakistan to find an amicable solution to this dispute according to the aspirations of the people,” he said.

He said that this way alone can lead to the stable peace and chances of development for the people of Indo-Pak sub-continent along with those living in Jammu and Kashmir. Use of power against the innocent people can provide no help in establishing stable and permanent peace in the region to enable the millions of poor people to enjoy their lives free from all worries.

Jama’at asked the world bodies to come forward and use their influence in getting the long pending human issue resolved justly. Jama’at also expresses deep concern over the loss of human lives on the LoC and asked both the countries to show restraint for the safeguard of the innocent people. (KNS)