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By Fast Kashmir on 16/03/2018.

Honour of Wife Leads To The Shoot Out

Foreign Pistol Used To Execute The Murder

Kishtwar , Mar 16: The Kishtwar Police in a major breakthrough has cracked the blind murder case of a local businessman who was killed on ninth of this month in a shootout near Kishtwar Jamia Masjid. The Police has arrested the accused and has recovered the weapon of offence in the presence of Magistrates and the civil witnesses. The Police has cracked this highly sensational blind murder case in just six days of its execution. The general public of the district is quite upbeat after the cracking of this highly sensational case.
The Kishtwar Police in the evening of 9th March, 2018 received an information that a shootout has occurred near Jamia Masjid Kishtwar in which one person was killed. The Police immediately rushed to the spot and identified the deceased as Ishtiaq Ahmed Dar s/o Ghulam Rasool Dar of Waza Gwarri Semina colony Kishtwar. The Senior Superintendent of Police Kishtwar Abrar Chowdhary alongwith Additional Superintendent of Police Perbeet Singh also rushed to the spot and examined the scene of crime (SoC). The Police registered the case FIR No. 58/2018 u/s 302 RPC, 3/25 IAA in P/S Kishtwar in this regard and started the investigations. The police also called a high profile team of FSL from Jammu to associate with the investigations. Keeping in view the highly sensational nature of the case and unrest among the public and trading community, the Senior Superintendent of Police Kishtwar Abrar Chowdhary constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) comprising Additional Superintendent of Police Kishtwar, Perbeet Singh as chairman and Deputy SP Operations Kishtwar Nissar Ahmed Khoja, Senior Prosecuting Officer Mansoor Ahmed Sheikh, SHO Police Station Kishtwar Inspector Sameer Jeellani and SHO Police Station Chatroo Inspector Mohd Bashir as members of the team. The case has been investigated under the close supervision and guidance of the Senior Superintendent of Police Kishtwar Abrar Chowdhary.
While briefing the media in a press conference held in District Police Office Kishtwar, the Senior Superintendent of Police Kishtwar Abrar Chowdhary divulged that it was a very technical and tough blind murder case. “At the outset of the press conference he congratulated his team of officers and said that it was due to the day and night hard work of his team of officers that we cracked it in just six days”.
The case was very tough in nature and totally blind and police had to rush a team of officers to Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) Chandigarh to gather and analyse the forensic clues. The team which was rushed to Chandigarh by the District Police Office Kishtwar was headed by Manoj Kumar Dy SP DAR Kishtwar.

The Senior Superintendent of Police Kishtwar, during the press conference disclosed that the police on the basis of various suspicions and clues rounded up a large number of suspects including some females for questioning. After an intense hardwork of days and nights together the police on the basis of specific clues zeroed in on one of the suspects who was identified as Muzzaffer Hussain Kamal S/O Master Wali Mohd Kamal, 66-Kamal Mohallah Kishtwar. He is a Books & Stationery Shopkeeper and is tenant of the deceased Ishtiaq Ahmed Dar in his New Dar Complex near Jamia Masjid Kishtwar, said the SSP.

The SSP briefed that during the sustained interrogation of this suspect, it was found that in the months of October-November 2017 the daughter of the deceased was undergoing graduation course through IGNOU and had examination centre at Drabshallah. The accused had a WagnonR car JK 17-1515. The wife of the accused was also undergoing the same graduation course in the same examination centre in the same year and was therefore the batch mate of the daughter of the deceased Ishtiaq Dar. The deceased used to take the wagonR vehicle of the accused to drop together his daughter and wife of the accused in exam the centre at Drabshallah and lift them back after the exams were over. During this period of ferrying to exam centre the deceased started trying to develop intimacy with the wife of the accused and the same process continued for over months till now, said the Senior Superintendent of Police.

The accused during his interrogation further disclosed that the deceased Ishtiaq Ahmed Dar had now started openly commenting and praising the wife of the accused in front of him shamelessly. Of late the deceased started compelling the accused to invite him for dinner with his wife at the residence of accused so that the inhibition in the way of the deceased in going to and coming from the house of accused is done away with. He also disclosed that the deceased was taking the undue benefit of his being his tenant. He further disclosed that the pressure of the deceased on him to tarnish the honour and chastity of his wife became unbearable to him in the last few months. He further narrated that on occasions the thoughts travelled into his mind to commit suicide than to see Ishtiaq tarnishing the honour and chastity of the wife of the accused, said the Senior Superintendent of Police.

During the course of sustained interrogation the accused disclosed that during the last two months when it became totally unbearable to see the forced relation of Ishtiaq with his wife, he started planning seriously either to commit suicide or to kill Ishtiaq Ahmed Dar. The deceased further disclosed that he had a foreign make pistol with him alongwith three live bullets. The weapon was allegedly received by him from one Aamir Kamal, a local terrorist of HM and his cousin in the year 2011 in Pinjrarri area and was lying with him since then disclosed the accused, said the Senior Superintendent of Police Kishtwar.

In the month of January ending this year, Ishtiaq Ahmed Dar started compelling the accused to facilitate his immoral meetings with his wife in his presence. The accused further disclosed that in the month of February this year when he learnt of the deceased near his house on two different occasions while he was on his shop during the day it became severely shocking and intolerable for him. This is the period when he seriously started thinking and planning to eliminate Ishtiaq Ahmed Dar, said the SSP.

On 7th & 8th March Ishtiaq visited the shop of accused many times during the day and started openly praising the body parts and features of the wife of accused in front of him, disclosed the accused.

On 9th March during the day when the deceased again called the accused on mobile and again compelled him to arrange a dinner alongwith his wife at his residence, the accused finally made up his mind to eliminate the deceased. The accused now mobilized the weapon kept by him in his house to his shop in new Dar complex near Jamia Masjid Kishtwar. The accused at 3:30 pm had cleverly broken the charging pin of his mobile phone and deposited the same to the mobile repair shop so that the last call cannot be traced on his mobile. He however, informed the deceased to contact him on the mobile phone of one Shahdab, a resident of UP and a tenant in the same complex so that they can tie up the timing to move for dinner in the house of the accused. The accused closed his shop at around quarter to 8:00 pm, took the loaded pistol with him in a polythene bag and started waiting for the deceased at the main gate of the Dar Complex.

As mutually agreed upon already, the deceased called on the mobile number of Shahdab and asked him to enable him to speak to Muzzaffer Kamal, the accused. The accused received the phone from Shahdab and spoke to the deceased signalling him to come for dinner as he is waiting for him at the gate of Dar Complex. At this point of time the deceased Ishtiaq Ahmed Dar was on way to drop his daughter to his house at Semina Colony after getting her immunised for tetanus at District Hospital Kishtwar. The deceased on the signal of accused reached outside his new Dar complex on his motorcycle number JK 17- 2558.

In order that no one should see at the last time the accused on the motorcycle of the deceased, the accused Muzzaffer therefore guided Ishtiaq to move in front of the gate of house of one Haider Sheikh in the street behind Jamia Masjid from where the accused will accompany him. When the deceased Ishtiaq Ahmed Dar reached in front of the gate of Haider Sheikh’s house, the accused Muzzaffer Kamal reached to his location through the lane traversing the premises of Haider Sheikh from Jamia Masjid side, disclosed the accused. The accused further disclosed during interrogation that at this point of time he took out the weapon wrapped in the polythene bag, cocked it and fired on the head of deceased Ishtiaq Ahmed Dar from posterial region. The first bullet misfired and fell down from the chamber on cocking the weapon again. When the deceased enquired from the accused as to what he is doing he said that he bought a toy pistol for the child and is checking the same.

Instantly, in the dark street the accused pressed the trigger again after cocking the weapon second time. The fire hit the posterial side of the head of deceased Ishtiaq Ahmed Dar near his right ear and pierced through the forehead, as disclosed by the accused, said the SSP. The moment the deceased fell down from the bike the accused left the spot and through backside lane of Islamia Faridia School, reached to his house and concealed the weapon in the same bag in the heap of bricks in the plot of his uncle Ghulam Mohd Kamal. Thereafter, the accused cleverly rushed to the shop of Shahdab and enquired from him as to what has happened, in order to prove his presence at the shop of shahdab at the time of occurrence. The accused as per him also visited the scene of crime latter alongwith the mob and also reached the hospital so that no one can raise any suspicion on him, disclosed the accused.

After clearing and corroborating all the aspects with the witnesses, clues and technical evidence the police has arrested the accused Muzzaffer Hussain Kamal s/o Master Wali Mohd Kamal of Kamal Mohallah Kishtwar, in the case FIR No. 58/2018, u/s 302 RPC, 3/25 IA Act of police station Kishtwar. The police on the disclosure of accused after his arrest has recovered the weapon of office- a foreign pistol with one live cartridge and a magazine..

The recovery was made by the police on the disclosure of the accused in the presence of the Magistrates- Assistant Commissioner Revenue (ADM) Kishtwar and Tehsildar Kishtwar and the civil witnesses, said the SSP Kishtwar Abrar Chowdhary. The police is still investigating the various aspects of this case and shall make public whatever new comes in the investigation in the due course of time, said the SSP.
The Senior Superintendent of Police, Kishtwar Abrar Chowdhary further briefed that the weapon of offence as per accused was obtained by him from an ex-HM militant Aamir Kamal in the year 2011 at Pinjrarri but the police is yet to investigate this aspect and shall not rely on the version of the accused till it is properly verified.

The Senior Superintendent of Police has congratulated the people of Kishtwar town for maintaining the complete peace after this gruesome murder, during the last rites of deceased when thousands of people gathered to pay him the last respects at Chowgan ground Kishtwar. He also thanked the people for fully co-operating the police during investigations of this highly sensational and difficult blind murder case.

The Senior Superintendent of Police Kishtwar thanked the public and senior police hierarchy for reposing faith in the District Police Kishtwar and in him.

He also conveyed the complements of the Director General of Police J&K Dr. SP Vaid to his team of officers for cracking this highly sensational and technical blind murder case in the shortest time in a highly professional manner.