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By Fast Kashmir on 06/03/2018.

Says NC’s statements make no sense unless they are backed by action

Srinagar, Mar 06: People’s Political Party (PPP) Chairman and Senior leader, Hurriyat Conference, Engineer Hilal Ahmed war has urged the legislators of the ruling PDP and the opposition NC to resign en masse as they have been stripped of whatever little power they could exercise against the murderous occupational forces who kill, maim and blind Kashmiris with impunity.
“It’s so shocking that Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has to repeatedly lie to Kashmiris. A mere soldier of the Indian army wields more power than her,” said Engineer War alluding to Supreme Court’s order on FIR against Maj Aditya of 10 Garhwal Regiment.
“Supreme Court has put on hold the judgment till April 24, 2018 and ordered the state not to carry out any further investigation in view of Section 7 of AFSPA. Major Aditya led the army contingent that killed 3 boys in Shopian on 27 January. PDP said on the floor of the assembly that it had lodged an FIR against Major Aditya, but in the Supreme Court the coalition government said that no FIR was lodged against Maj Aditya,” he said.
“This is criminal. Why doesn’t the PDP pull out of the coalition unless it’s not only a partner in the crime but also a willing representative of Hindutva policies in Kashmir? RSS frames the anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmir policies at Nagpur and PDP executes it in letter and spirit on the ground, “said war, adding, “Why doesn’t PDP come out clean and don the saffron colours instead of the green that they have been exploiting to hoodwink the gullible masses over the last two decades?”
War said that NC’s lofty statements make no sense unless they are backed by action, which in this case is to resign from the assembly. People know NC is playing its age-old tricks to exploit the situation and grab the power again.
“Kashmiris have suffered and matured a lot, so PDP should know that its days are numbered and it can’t take people for a ride anymore.”
War urged the comity of nations to take the situation in Kashmir very seriously and act. “The world community should act on Kashmir now. India can’t continue to unleash its well-oiled murderous machine in Kashmir and get away with it. In letter and spirit, J&K is an army-ruled state and the legislators and minister and the CM are just puppets in the hands of army. ” (KNS)