New Delhi believes J&K to be a religious issue as it suits it agenda

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By Fast Kashmir on 12/03/2018.


Drabu has revealed half truth ……..Er. Rasheed

Srinagar 12 March: Reacting to sacking of Hasib Drabu for his statement that J&K is not a political issue, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has said that Drabu has told half truth and rather condemning him he should be asked to complete the sentence by narrating the bitter fact that J&K was originally a political issue but New Delhi from the day of J&K’s accession with India believed it to be a religious issue. In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said “Even if every Kashmiri cries billion times a day that J&K is a political issue, New Delhi firmly believes that J&K dispute is the baggage of unfinished partition of sub-continent and is sacred of the fact that being a Muslim dominated state people of state may vote against India in case of a possible plebiscite. Mr. Drabu’s version that Indian TV channels take a line what majority of Indians wants them to take is ample proof to understand that majority of Indians have been made to believe that suppressing voices of Kashmiris means serving not only the nation but the Hinduism. Who doesn’t know that Indian media, politicians, think tanks and policy makers have been creating a perception that India is fighting the Muslim radicals in Kashmir and do make hue and cry about Wahabi Islam and other things which otherwise have nothing to do with the Kashmir dispute. Drabu Sahab or somebody else within PDP or from NC may never dare to confess publically that RSS and its allied organizations do believe from the core of their heart that Kashmir dispute is a religious issue, but Drabu Sahab deserves appreciation for initiating a debate by telling half truth that J&K is not a political issue and obviously even a street vendor wants to know the answer if J&K is not a political issue then what is the real nature of dispute”. Er. Rasheed said that had NC, PDP and their masters in New Delhi ever believed J&K being a political issue, it would have been since long solved. He said “Had New Delhi not been believing it a religious issue, whole India would have taken to streets against innocent civilian killings in Kashmir, seeking justice for victims of Kunan Poshpora and asking for death penalty to those who killed unarmed innocents in cold blooded murder 1989. Had it been a political issue Kashmiri Pandits would never have been persuaded by then rulers to leave Kashmir in 1989 so that Kashmiri Muslims could be butchered. Rape and murder of 7 year old Asifa would never have happened and radical elements would never ever have sided themselves with the criminals in Kathua. Isn’t it a fact that no FIR was lodged against army in the recent Shopian murder incident and surprisingly army lodged the FIR about the whole incident? The FIR lodged against army was stayed by the Supreme Court and no such thing could be dreamed in any other part of the country. This all happened because a strong lobby in New Delhi believes rest of India to be at war with Kashmiri Muslims.” Er. Rasheed said that New Delhi has been instrumental in giving the mass uprising in Kashmir a communal color for the reason it suits the status-quo. He rejected NC’s and PDP’s concern and condemnation over Hasib Drabu’s statement saying that if the two parties truly were sincere in believing J&K dispute to be political they would have spoken in one tune and forced New Delhi and Islamabad for a peaceful resolution in accordance with the historic perspective, rather using shameless agendas like self rule and autonomy just to grab power. Er. Rasheed accused that PDP is fighting for its survival and is finding excuses and made Drabu escape goat as Drabu had said only what PDP’s masters in New Delhi had asked and expected him to say.