PDP-BJP Govt failed on all fronts: Usman Majid

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/03/2018.

PDP-BJP Govt failed on all fronts: Usman Majid


Prominent PDP Activist Zahoor Ahmad Mir along With Dozens of hard Core Workers from Ajas belt Joins Congress

Nasir Khuehami

Bandipora, March 08: State General Secretry of Pradesh Congress Committee and MLA Bandipora Usman Majid here on today said that PDP-BJP Govt has failed on all fronts and the ruling dispensation has allegedly “betrayed” people of the state and spoiled the atmosphere of peace and harmony in the state.

While talking with Media Persons on the Sidelines of function in Bandipora constituency, Usman said that state of normalcy is not possible under the present regime as the youth feel alienated from the government.

Usman alleged that during the present scenario, corruption and unemployment have increased while illegal transfers have been eroding the system. He accused the government of adopting pick and choose policy in matters of developmental and welfare schemes. Both the Parties have exploited people for power game Usman added.

Majid alleged that the PDP was changing colours like chameleon for the sake of power even it sacrificed its ideology and joined hands with communal fascist forces, as a result, people were feeling exploited and betrayed, besides there is a great anger among the people.

This government has failed to keep its promise made with the youth who have suffered immensely as the government is busy in looting the funds meant for development which are being used for personal interests, Aggreived Usman said.
Majid added during its tenure of more than three-year “this regime stands exposed as it has reneged on all promises made with the people during campaign for the assembly elections.”

Tall claims of this government to accelerate development activities and taking revolutionary steps for the betterment of the common masses remained confined only to papers and nothing is visible on the ground, he said.

Meanwhile MLA Bandipora Usman Majid Welcomed Prominent PDP Activist Zahoor Ahmad Rather from Ajas area of Bandipora Assembly segment along with dozens of hard core workers into party fold. Majid while hailing the decision of the activists to join the congress party, said Congress stands for unity, brotherhood and amity of the three regions of the State.

MLA Usman hoped that the newly joined workers would work with enthusiasm to strengthen the party at grass-root level and will spread the policy programme of the Congress.

Elaborating on his decision to quit the party, Zahoor Ahmad Rather said the ruling party was playing with the lives of Kashmiri people and with their dignity and honour. “This is the reason that I have resigned from the party and joined the Congress.