Police Rebuttal: regarding CASO in Chattabal Srinagar

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By Fast Kashmir on 26/03/2018.


Srinagar March 26: One fake news item reading as “clashes erupted during CASO at Chattabal Srinagar today”, showing an old photograph of troops on patrol through some unknown area, has gone viral on internet. The news item is absolutely fake and is hereby rebutted on the grounds that a CASO was lodged jointly by territorial police, SOG Srinagar and CRPF, in the Chattabal area of police Station Saffakadal today in the afternoon which concluded peacefully without any arrests or recoveries. There were no clashes in the area. The area shown in the picture is some Rural or sub rural area and the fact remains that the area brought under CASO is densly populated area of Downtown Srinagar. So the news item along with it’s pictorial contents is absolutely fake and misleading.