Prayers not allowed in a Shopian Village, Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir addresses Presser

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By Fast Kashmir on 01/03/2018.

Anantnag, March 01: Chairman of Ummat e Islami and Mirwaiz of South Kashmir, Dr. Qazi Ahmed Yasir addressed an important press conference at his residence today.
Addressing the press confernece he said that a delegation of Jammu Kashmir Ummat e Islami headed by Mirwaiz Qazi Ahmed Yasir yesterday visited remote villages of Shopian district of south Kashmir. The chairman of Ummat e Islami visited the village after constant calls from the villagers alleging army harassment in the area.

It was noted that the inhabitants of the area are living under constant fear and many youth have been thrashed during anti militancy operations and cordon and search operations which are an everyday affair in these areas.
In an area of Shopian Distict, a new army camp has come up and it is anguishing to notice that the villagers are not allowed to offer the pre dawn (Fajr) and night (Isha) prayers in the mosque. I will not name the village because I do not want them to be harassed by anyone.

The Village is sealed post dusk and then nobody is allowed to move out of the village. The villagers alleged that the area has been turned into a military garrison and even Adhaan is not allowed in the mosque for the above mentioned two times. They are living under fear as the area has been turned into a monitored zone. “The Army enters houses without provocation and at times they also thrash the inmates,” many villagers said.
He said that A story has also been published by a news portal regarding this village.

He said that In another nearby village, the people had similar complaints, their property has been damaged several times and the inmates thrashed severely on occasions. The Villagers are living under a constant scrutiny and forces in deployed almost every hour of the day and Search operations are a norm. The Villagers told Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir that they do not repair the broken window panes or any property that is damaged during such operations as the troopers come back and damage it again. The team led by Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir noticed the window panes of the houses broken, covered with plastics in bitter cold. Many youth from the villages are detained and tortured in custody. With nobody to plead their case to, the villagers are living in panic and terror.

Moreover more Camps are coming up in South Kashmir which is making the life of people terrible, here in Islamabad, a road in the outskirts of Islamabad has been blocked as a new army camp has come up.
“However as I mentioned earlier, I will not name the places at the fear of inhabitants being assaulted or harassed by Forces. Though I visited the areas only after I got constant calls from the locals, It is our collective duty to help people come out of this fear, Mirwaiz Qazi yasir said.

Mirwaiz Qazi yasir while referring to the Rape case of Asifa said that Kashmiri people stand shoulder to shoulder with the Gujjar community and said the rape incidents of Shopian, Saed Boni, Brah, Akingam, Kunan Poshpora, Kupwara prove that women can never be safe in a society as patriarchial as India where troops use rape as a war weapon.

He said that The continuous confinement of Kamran Yusuf- a Photojournalist is saddening. The alleged champions of ‘freedom of expression’ have time and again proved they put curbs on it time and again. What is funny and Ironic though is that rather than books an investigation agency defines journalism and tells what a journalist should do and what events he or she should cover. We Demand his release. He said to highligh the sad and a direct insult of ‘Freedom of Expression, Ummat e Islami delegation will meet various organizations.

Referring to the Shifting of Kashmiri prisoners outside Kashmir, he said prisoners are being shifted to prisons outside the valley hence subjecting them to double punishment. 450 people have been killed the last year. 1500 people have been killed every year since 1988 while in Palestine 1200 people get killed annually. Nations, like Algeria, France, America, Africa, Cuba have achieved their independence after thousands of their men and women were killed and imprisoned, India should read history and the history of Kashmir struggle too, we have never surrendered despite hundreds of years of slavery be It to Sikhs, Dogras or Afghans. Our prisoners are our asset.
mirwaiz Qazi yasir said that, “I have seen a lot of Martyrs’ Graveyards’ lying in ruins. We call for repairing of Martyrs Graveyards in all areas. We have already initiated the innovation work in Islamabad’s Martyrs Graveyard.”