Radicalization: Sane voices call on Kashmiri Youth to Shun Negative Mindset

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By Fast Kashmir on 26/03/2018.

Radicalization: Sane voices call on Kashmiri Youth to Shun Negative Mindset
Srinagar, Mar 26:  Today world at large and Kashmir in particular are facing grave challenges of radicalization. World peace and harmony is under grave threat due to these radical ideologies. The deficient state of infrastructure in terms of education and skills adds to the grave problem of radicalization in Kashmir.
Some expert voices have time again stressed that radicalization of Kashmiri youth is of great concern for the peace and stability of the region and can harm the pluralistic ethos of the Kashmiri society if left unaddressed.
Kashmir News Bureau (KNB) debates the topic of negative mindset and radicalization in Kashmir with eminent voices among them is M. Saleem  Pandith, an eminent Journalist of Kashmir valley. Pandith while talking to KNB states – “Youth in Kashmir have prominent role to play, since thirty years I have seen tough circumstances and thus upbringing gone a waste, psyche not developed properly. The psyche of Kashmir youth has been thus damaged to great extent. Our youth should get the required exposure and in this regard they should be provided ample travel opportunities and thus see where world has reached.”
Pandit believes that radicalization will not be able to override the basic crux of Kashmir “sometimes culture of this  place even overrides religious Sharia Law at some instances .Even separatist in their advocacies do not invoke much religion but more of political ideologies.”
Syed Karar Hashmi, a scholar in World Islamic studies talking to KNB states –“Radical ideologies are a grave threat to world peace. From Syria to Iraq and Yemen to Kashmir radical ideologies have caused havoc. Youth should understand only pen and knowledge are civilized instruments to solve issues and disputes. Every sane human likes peace and hates war, even MK Gandhi stressed that an eye for eye annihilates humanity. We need to find solutions of issues via knowledge paths and radical ways only cause destruction. We need to follow in letter and spirit the great plural and peaceful teachings propagated by the Sufis who have shaped Kashmir via their intellect.
“Brotherhood, peace and Humanity are way out for masses. World is in mess due to giving priority to radical ideologies and the concern for us all in Kashmir and throughout world should be to denounce these radical ideologies,” Karar adds.
 On the other hand, Sheikh Imran, Chairman Jammu Kashmir People’s Alliance and political leader talking to KNB states –“Youth should always have positive mindset and radicalization is a global threat. I believe radicizilization is not that much in Kashmir and it is overall an over hyped phenomenon. We need to understand that Madrasa type who have been tagged as radicizilization dens have less than one percent contribution to education.”
The silver lining among the dark clouds of radicalization in Kashmir is that great teachings of Sufis and Rishis have always held the place together and the pulse is we should revisit and follow these teachings.
Voices in unison urge on youth to shun the path of radicalization and negative mindset and adopt positive mindset for better Kashmir. (KNB)