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By Fast Kashmir on 09/03/2018.

Rise above yesterday, capture tomorrow Prof Bhat to India, Pakistan

Issues outline measures to help parties move forward”


Srinagar, March 09: The Muslim Conference (MC) president Prof. Abdul Gani Bhat while speaking to
huge gathering of people at Handwara has emphasized that excesses with negativity in history can be
neutralized effectively with collective decipline, wisdom and large-heartedness. Weakness is no sin–– no
collective sin. History bears testimony that where powerful exploit weaker sections on grounds either of
politico religious superiority or with reference to socio-racial divergences. The weaker in the ultimate
analysis come out as victorious. Arrogance of power ultimately as a rule falls apart.
Kashmir comprises the people–– weaker people with self-respect and collective consciousness and what
is more important, the people with a will to move forward collectively as one to let the whole world
know, that we choose to live in peace as the masters of our destiny. The Professor in his traditional style
said that history does not consist only in a record of yesterday, it positively points to paths ahead to
peace and prosperity. Let us rise and learn the lession.
The subcontinent has experienced huge changes at different periods of history and the latest change
that happened seven decades ago brought forth two sovereign states of Bharat and Pakistan in the
region. However the state of Jammu and Kashmir unfortunately turned as a dispute in to a battlefield so
much so that Bharat and Pakistan had to fight wars as states and the people in the region had to suffer
the consequences. Yesterday is gone. Now is different. The change is sweeping across the globe. Call on
us all to rise above hostility, intransigence and historical ironies and come to grips manfully with the
situation to resolve the dispute on Kashmir in the interests of stability in South Asia.
India and Pakistan as responsible nuclear states owe a duty to millions in the region who seek peace to
rid them the ghosts of uncertainty and instability. The president said Muslim Conference was actually
considering an outline that could possibly help the parties to move forward. Meanwhile the people who
matter should consider the following measures with a view to generating a propitious environment in
Jammu and Kashmir.
A. Release the prisoners.
B. Withdrawal of cases against the young men particularly the teenagers.
C. Summoning people to Army camps be given a relook.
D. Men with arms should not be allowed to enter into educational institutions
E. Kashmiris’ detained outside the state in different jails should under no circumstances be subject
to indignity and the security of Kashmiris’ in Educational institutions and businesses should be