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By Fast Kashmir on 06/03/2018.

Srinagar, Mar 06: Today biggest challenge to the world is lack of peace as a result of which from Kashmir to Syria, Yemen to Libya the streets are full of blood and death, destruction are daily visitors. The question how we can bring back sanity to this insane world is in every conscious mind.
Amid all pain and glom the time tested concept and pragmatic approach of Sufism looks a best medicine to regain the lost global peace. As anglo-Pakistani writer Zahrah Nisar puts it beautifully in these words few years back in her article – One of the ways to create an atmosphere in which global peace can be nurtured is to extend the unbiased umbrella of Sufism that, despite largely Western misconceptions, is open to all comers completely irrespective of race, gender or creed. The Sufi way of life and living is, basically, founded on the peaceful love of Allah, the name ‘Allah’ indicative of the one god believed in by different peoples who use different names for the one and only ‘Supreme Being’.
The basic Sufi concept of peaceful coexistence hinges on an all-embracing love of, and respect for, ‘everything’: the human race in its entirety, all other life forms and of planet earth itself. This love and respect is intended to bring about an all-enveloping harmony in which every single ‘body’ – animate and inanimate – is able to live and interact together for the long term benefit of all. There is no place for inequality or greed in the world of Sufism and certainly no place for warfare.’”
Many have also opined to counter the menace of radicalization revisiting Sufi teachings is needed.
Dynamic Kashmiri youth Affan Yesvi, CEO and Founder of Yasawi Foundation aiming to promote Sufi teachings worldwide states – “The true essence of life is found in the teaching of Sufi saints who have always laid stress on spreading the message of love and also on constant awareness that this life is a temporary phase. Sufi’s showed us the path for peace and progress both the peace around us and the peace within us. Once we are at peace we can attain progress there can be no substantial progress without peace. People who are creating disturbance in current times do not belong to Sufism as Sufis spread love and harmony not violence and bloodshed.”
“We need to imbibe and promote the teachings of tolerance, peace, brotherhood, compassion taught to us by the great Sufis. Kashmir too can recover lot of lost ground by following sufi teachings as decaying morality and increased bloodshed has hurt our ethos, “stated Nazir Ahmad, a devotee.
Undoubtedly, at a time when Kashmir is drenched in bloodshed the Sufism seems logical panacea to heal its wounds. (KNB)