Voice of a Mother

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/03/2018.

Voice of a Mother

By Nadia Khan

(feminist and Research Scholar JNU)

When I kiss you I kiss your naked self within the broad manhood that you conceal

Knowing how weak and vulnerable you are behind the curtain of pledges you make to protect me; while it’s me that nurtures you, brings you to life

Only I know your moments of weakness when you stand only because I stand with you

When you conceal the cracks in your courage with my feeble laughter

When you secretly feed on my optimism and water your dreams with my faith in you

When you quietly charge your happiness with the light in my eyes

When you sit by my side swollen in manful pride you take in owning me

And I sit there pretending to be owned while I caress your valiant armour with my feminism and drain every drop of my being to affirm yours

Yet you are my protector and my guardian and I take you so. KNB