Abdul Gani Speaking to huge gathering in Masjid Thandipora, Kupwara

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By Fast Kashmir on 27/04/2018.

Abdul Gani Speaking to huge gathering in Masjid Thandipora, Kupwara

Srinagar April 27:  Speaking to a huge gathering in a mosque at Thandipora, Kupwara, the President of Muslim Conference Professor   Butt remarked that freedom is not a slogan in the traditional sense. It is in essence a song of life – an animating song of life to core, pointing as it does to high thinking, realism in attitudes and balance in practice with reference particularly to exploring a settlement of a problem in a given situation.

The professor, it appeared, was at his best as a teacher in the mosque. He asked the people in the mosque, rather pithily to keep heads high and look tall and never bow to baser temptations and lower levels of life and disappear as the lowest of the low. All of us are, the professor averred, as the crown of creation and therefore, we should as equals never break into high or low groups in society.

Referring to the struggle for freedom in Kashmir and the sacrifices offered as a consequence what we need is direction and discipline. Should this not happen, the worst must follow and that is what must cause concern. Emotional out-burst may form exception but for God’s sake, never convert these into a rule and be debuted as irrelevant, he cautioned.

He felt that we need a strategy – a scientifically objective strategy to deal with the situation obtaining in the sub-continent. We will have to have a working knowledge of the dynamics of ‘change’ sweeping across the globe, he stressed. Let there be no mistake about it that peace and disputes can never co-exist and no peace and no progress can yield anything unless the disputes are addressed and resolved. For lasting peace and purposeful progress the dispute on Kashmir will have to be resolved through talks to the flutter of all hearts. No suppression, sagacity is the call. Take it and ensure a bright and a stable tomorrow for all of us across the region.