Asifa’s rape case exacerbates unrest of Kashmir

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By Fast Kashmir on 19/04/2018.

Asifa’s rape case exacerbates unrest of Kashmir

By : Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Publiahed on April 19: It was said in existent words that Kashmir is called the paradise of earth. The beautiful places of valley are juggled with green scenery and meadows. The mountains surround and provide a beautiful pattern decorated with beautiful flowering plants.The physical features of every aspect made the valley a unique region of the whole earth.

Not only the nature beautified the valley with natural things but the people from every walk of life were living a comfort and free from every sort of curse. The farmers were kept on fair harvesting and enjoying every festival related to different caste , caste and colour. The people also overcome the sorrow stricken with folk tales, dance and songs by gathering at any spot at evening. So every person had a healthy part to enjoy the prettier moments. It was also found that no family was to quarrel with no selfish and painful bonds.
In present scenario modernity provide a highly spirited and convincing way of life in terms of science and technology and all of a sudden a big change has encountered in the style of life.

Social networking keep at kicking and grip a firm hold over every happenings and situations of the world but lead a huge void and evident changes in taking responsibility of children, parents , family and nation. The way present generation is also deserted in moral values and most telling responsibility is the result of tempting and bold steps of society.

If we talk about present educational period the new generation has crossed all the limits are being harassed and are harassing the opposite sex resulted in every day head line ” Yet another rape case”.It has taken more gravity when minors are being targeted and harassed sexually. Even school going minors are also not in a position to be warmly hatched by their teachers and this pious relation is lingering and not being trusted.

Now take the example of Asifa’s rape and murder case set the whole valley on boil and exacerbates the incessant unrest and demanding the culprits to be hanged in no time. The students of schools and colleges are so furious and taking the school hour opportunities to protest against brutal case resulted into many injuries of students. Every corner of India also strongly condemn and also demand quick arrest of culprits so that a lesson is to be put forward for sex abusers so that no such case should be enlisted in future.