Authorities disallow Geelani from offering funeral prayers in absentia: Hurriyat

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By Fast Kashmir on 03/04/2018.

Srinagar, Apr 2: Police authorities on Monday didn’t not allow the funeral prayers in absentia for the slain youth in Hyderpora today. Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani had also called people to offer absentia funeral prayers of slain youth, but police authorities scuttled the move.

Soon as Huriyat chairman Syed Ali Geelani attempted to come out of his residence to offer funeral in absentia, he was stopped by police, spokesman added.

Hurriyat said that Geelani is not only a political personality, but a religious preacher as well and keeping him away from people’s political, religious and social issues is ample proof of this part of land being governed by “an autocratic, undemocratic and unjustified rule. It tantamount to interference in religious matters, Huriyat said saying authorities are suffering from arrogance and frustration.

Referring to the statement of Police DG, wherein he has said that Geelani is now free, Huriyat said that their rhetoric for freedom of speech proved hoax as political and religious leaders are continuously caged and political space denied.

Syed Ali Geelani blamed the Indian authorities, their henchmen in state, police and other government forces for these brutal killings. Calling as unfortunate the killing of civilians in Shopian shootout Geelani added that these forces are resorting to their terror policies to carry their unauthorised rule.

 Geelani payed tributes to slain youth in Shopian shootout and said that those who lay their lives for a sacred cause, are alive with their Lord and receive sustenance from Him.’’

Blaming Indian authorities for their arrogance and stubborn attitude , Syed Ali Geelani said, we are not being allowed to mourn even our slain youngsters and while denouncing authorities for laying curbs on condolences meeting in memory of slain youth,   Geelani justified the resentment shown by youth in Kashmir and said our youth were taking up arms “to put an end to slavery and this barbarity”.

It is not just a passion however a growing resentment among youth and it is the outcome of unresolved Kashmir issue , unending curbs on political activities, stubborn attitude and has created political uncertainty in the state.

Our youth are quite disheartened as peaceful activities are denied,” Geelani asserted and added that “the insensitivity and unconcern of authorities in New Delhi is the sole reason for this unabated bloodshed. Youth have no option but to resent this age-old slavery and take arms to defend their rights.

Lamenting at pro-Indian politicians for prevailing political uncertainty and bloodshed in state, Geelani said that they are playing with the sentiments of people and acting as henchmen for New Delhi in state.

Syed Ali Geelani strongly condemned the use of brute and unproportionate force against peaceful and unarmed civilians and said that opening fire on unarmed people shows the height of state terrorism.

“India has declared war against civilians in the state, saying nowhere on earth brute force is used against unarmed civilians,” said Geelani in a statement.

Extending condolences to bereaved family, Geelani said, “we share the grief and pray for the strength to the grieved families to bear irreparable loss and prayed for speedy recovery for those injured during forces shoot out.

Commenting over the unfortunate death of Mushtaq Ahmad Thoker, Geelani condemned forces for their inhuman and barbaric approach, saying making humans as shield is inhuman and barbarous act. It tantamount to war crime, saying it is not a first incident, instead Indian forces as a routine are making human souls as shields, saying they are virtually engaged in genocide in state.

Jammu and Kashmir are highly militarised zone, said Geelani and in presence of forces camps in every nook and corner people feel insecure and are reeling under continuous threat. These camps are source of nuisance and badly affected the lives of citizens living in these localities, said he, saying the lives, honour, dignity of civilians is at stake.

 “This is an inhuman and unjustified act and it vindicates our claim that forces are involved in war crimes and are patronized and encouraged by Indian leadership,” Geelani said and added that it sends a clear message to the people that “they can go to any extent without any apprehension of accountability”.

Syed Ali Geelani in his appeal to human rights organisations, the International War Tribunal and Amnesty International to take cognizance of the incident and “fulfil their responsibilities in saving precious lives” in the state.(CNS)