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By Fast Kashmir on 14/04/2018.

What stops PDP from apologizing to people for entering into incompatible alliance?


Srinagar, April 14: CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami today asked the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti and PDP leadership to explain its position after Mehbooba’s brother Tasdauq Mufti said that PDP and BJP have “ended up being partners in a crime (for which) an entire generation of Kashmiris might have to pay with their blood.”

While commenting over the assertions of Tasaduq Mufti he said, what is stopping PDP to apologize to the people for entering into an incompatible alliance with RSS led BJP. Despite concerns and warnings by democratic forces in and outside the state about this opportunist alliance, the PDP gave damn to it and today they have put a sensitive state like J&K in deep crisis.

PDP has done nothing to hold its coalition partner to its commitments, not only in regard to efforts to resolve the festering political problem in the state  but also on other important  issues which had lent a facade of justification to this ideologically divergent coalition under the garb of so-called ‘Agenda of Alliance.’

There is a growing disquiet in Kashmir about the non-implementation of the so-called ‘Agenda of Alliance’, and PDP’s silence about it. While PDP seems to have gone quiet over its political agenda or entered into a sort of ideological and political trade-off with its alliance partner, BJP has more or less freely plied its agenda and with an increasing belligerence.

Two cabinet ministers of BJP and others openly tried to cover up the heinous gang-rape and brutal murder case of 8-year-old nomad girl Asifa and shield the culprits. Chief Minister couldn’t take any action against these two ministers for months. It was only after outrage across the country on heinous crime that the two ministers have half-heartedly submitted their resignation. What is required now is to initiate criminal proceedings against all those who obstructed the process of justice to the victim.

From the day, this government took oath, whole of Kashmir has been converted into a cage where excessive use of force is more clear and visible than the governance.  Now, the whole state knows that the “Agenda of Alliance” is nothing but a gimmick of fake and un-kept promises and stands contrary to the wishes of the people.