Confusing Identity Of Photojournalist

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By Fast Kashmir on 05/04/2018.

Confusing Identity Of Photojournalist

By, Aasif Shafi

Published on 05 April: Journalist are always at cross-road,not knowing fully where they stand.

On one side some one label us as OGW’s and on other hand,locals brand us as informers.

I was shell-shocked yesterday when a handful of local boys called me an Informer and threatened me of dire consequences. These dirty minded people even threatened my family and friends to the extent that my family is pressuring me to journalism.

They openly threatened to kill me in case they land in some trouble with police. My life has come to a point that I can’t even use my mobile phone in public, besides executing my professional duties properly.

I am on a slippery road where nothing can be expected except a fall. Through this social media platform, I want to inform public in general and those ill minded people in particular that if anybody has proper substantial evidence to question my work, He/she can act judicially against me. Nobody has any right to mishandle my family members.

I am a responsible photojournalist like any other journalist, I too risk my life to bring the truth to forefront. I had and I will always strive for healthy journalism.