Continuation of AFSPA victory of resistance movement

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By FK WEB DESK on 26/04/2018.

Continuation of AFSPA victory of resistance movement

If main stream parties are sincere they can remove AFSPA even without Delhi’s consent……. Er. Rasheed

Handwara 26 April: Ridiculing stand of main stream parties on revocation of AFSPA, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has said that helplessness of regional parties has given New Delhi a free hand to deal with Jammu & Kashmir. While addressing public Meetings at Pohrupeth, Hangah and Qalamabad today Er. Rasheed said “Revoking AFSPA should have been more a cause of concern and worry for New Delhi than Kashmiris as it has brought bad name to army and other agencies. Main stream parties especially NC and PDP should stop befooling masses as revoking AFSPA has nothing to do with New Delhi. There are sufficient provisions in the constitution which can be used by the state Govt. to get rid of this dirty book, but it seems that elected representatives have sold out their conscience and are shedding crocodile tears. The fact is neither Umer Abdullah nor Mehbooba Mufti want to take New Delhi head on but by politics of deception and exploitation they are indulged in a vicious game of misleading those who bring them to power. One has a right to ask if the successive state Governments are not even worth to get AFSPA removed, how can they resolve Kashmir issue”. Er. Rasheed said however world community and Indians themselves must try to read other side of the story also. He said “By not revoking AFSPA New Delhi has surrendered before the will and the resistance of Kashmiris and it is a proven fact that India is ruling Kashmir through the barrel of gun by driving power from the AFSPA. All the claims of winning hearts and minds of Kashmiris have fallen flat and Indian army which claims to be the most disciplined army in the world, has confessed by calling AFSPA a holy book, that it has nothing to offer Kashmiris except dead bodies, bullets, pallets and humiliations”.