Detained students released. Police

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By Fast Kashmir on 24/04/2018.

Detained students released. Police


Parents requested to advice their children to shun path of violence

Srinagar, Apr 23: Today morning a group of students of Boys Higher Secondary School Baramulla instead of joining their classes disturbed the studies of other students and forced them out of the classrooms. Thereafter this group of students began pelting stones and bricks towards the main road from the school campus. They smashed a lot of civilian vehicles and injured some civilians as well.

Thereafter police responded to the situation and this group of students attacked police party with bricks and stones injuring many policeman. After hectic efforts situation was brought under control and the whole group of students indulging in violence was detained.

All of them but 05 were subsequently released and handed over to parents after being counselled by police officers. Parents of these 05 students have been asked to come to Police Station Baramulla tomorrow to take their wards home.

The mobile phones of all these students have been retained by police for forensic analysis.

Parents are requested to advice their children not to indulge in violence and concentrate on studies.

All other schools and colleges functioned normally today. Some miscreants want colleges and schools to remain closed for their vested interests.

All colleges and Schools will remain open tomorrow in Baramulla.