Don’t compare Asifa’s case with Nirbhaya: Shahzad Hamdani

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By Fast Kashmir on 13/04/2018.

Srinagar, April 13: Commenting over the brutal act of Rape and Murder of a minor girl Asifa, Hakim Shahzad Hamdani, One Young World (UK) coordinating Ambassador for Kashmir has called Rape and murder of Asifa an act of terrorism and not just Rape unlike the case in Nirbhaya.
In a statement issued to KNB, he said, “The brutal act that has shaken the conscience of humanity is not just a simple case of Rape and murder but a well planned conspiracy to commit an act of terrorism on a particular community of Kathua district. It is a shock that there are people lobbying against the invistigation and favouring the accused.”
“The Media that is projecting this act as a Rape and Murder case are basically deviating from the fact that the real conspiracy was to force migration of a particular minority community in Kathua and little angel Asifa became a target of terrorism followed by the lust. The accused should not only be booked for the Rape and Murder but also on the charges of terrorism,” he said.
“Certain media channels and Indian politicians are deliberately comparing Asifa’s case with Nirbhaya in order to hide the basic agenda of the Kathua incident which was not rape but to use rape and a weapon of terrorism and instill fear for force migration,” he further stated. (KNB)