Genuine voice can’t be suppressed by imperialistic tactics: Jama’at

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By Fast Kashmir on 04/04/2018.

Genuine voice can’t be suppressed by imperialistic tactics: Jama’at
Delegation visited Shopian & Islamabad, expressed solidarity

Srinagar, Apr 04: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir vehemently condemns the unabated state terrorism going on in Kashmir particularly in its Southern region, where within a span of twelve hours, eighteen Kashmiris were killed besides injuring hundred others, most of whom are undergoing treatment in different hospitals. The Indian forces have crossed all limits of brutality and have got the license to kill any person who comes in their way, devastate any property and demolish any house which they like.
These unruly forces have showered a rain of bullets upon the peaceful protesters in Shopian and Kangan areas thereby killing five innocent youth and injuring hundred others, without any legal or moral justification. In such a way, these forces have been given free authority to violate the basic human rights of Kashmiri people. The only fault of the Kashmiri people is that they are demanding their basic right of self-determination as promised to them through UNO and the Security Council by the government of India long back in 1947 and 1948. No power on the earth can restrain any nation from demanding their right of self-determination nor can their genuine voice be suppressed by these imperialistic tactics.
The Kashmir issue is a long-pending human issue and if it is addressed properly keeping the aspirations of the people of entire Jammu and Kashmir in view, it will be better for the progress and welfare of the crores of poor people living in Indo-Pak sub-continent.
The bloodshed of innocent Kashmiris can add to the prevailing conflict and uncertainty in the region and no stable peace can thereby be established. Jama’at appeals UNO and other world human rights bodies both international and those working in India to take serious notice of the alarming situation in Kashmir and the state-sponsored terrorism perpetrated by the Indian armed forces upon the hapless and unarmed people in Kashmir and use their diplomatic influence upon the government of India to get all this brutality stopped and appoint a high level commission to probe the atrocities committed upon the civilians here.
In the meanwhile, a high level delegation of Jama’at led by Advocate Zahid Ali expressed solidarity with all the bereaved families in the South Kashmir whose near and dear ones got martyred. (KNS)