Isn’t normal law enough to deal with Kathua victim’s murders, rapists?

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By Fast Kashmir on 22/04/2018.


Srinagar, April 22: Does Jammu and Kashmir government need a new law to have its effect retrospectively to deal with criminals behind ghastly rape and murder of the 8-year-old girl at Kathua in January this year?

Minister for education Altaf Bukahri on Sunday said that legal experts in Jammu and Kashmir must have been working to see that new law is brought akin to one passed through an ordinance by the government of India to punish with death rapists of children below 12 years age and that probe be completed within 60 days.

Responding to a question about delay in fast-tracking the Kathua rape and murder case, the minister said: “There is a process. Desires can be a plenty but we have to follow the process. Ultimately this is for the judiciary to uphold everything. Yesterday, Centre passed an ordinance and we welcomed it.”

He added: “I Assure you that our law ministry will be working on it and goodwill, not only we will pass a similar law but we will have its effect retrospectively. It is not that the law will deal with any case prospectively but those involved in gruesome rape and murder are also covered.”

He according to GNS said that “I’m sure that our legal experts will be working how those involved in Kathua tragedy are covered.”

However, legal experts said that government should concrete on adducing evidence so that all culprits are brought to justice.

“Besides rape, the murder of girl has taken place. The investigating agency has already established it and it must now be the effort by the government to bring all evidences before the court properly so that judiciary upholds the prosecution case,” a lawyer told GNS. “The law is already there but the government must ensure no lacunae is left so to keep any doubt at a bay,” he said. (GNS)