Kashmir’s Airport Road allegedly becomes hub of immoral activities

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By Fast Kashmir on 24/04/2018.

Kashmir’s Airport Road allegedly becomes hub of immoral activities

Wahid Bhat

SRINAGAR, APR 24: Kashmir’s Airport Road is allegedly becoming a hub of immoral activities due to mushroom growth of coaching centres, beauty parlours, restaurants and boutiques in the area.

A local resident Abdul Rasheed (72) while taking to Press Trust of Kashmir said that the area of airport road from Barzulla to Hyderpora has become a hub of immoral activities for youth.

He said that most of students of tuition centers remain wondering on the roads instead of attending the classes. “Not only have the students, but some other youths too come to this area to tease the girl students. This has become a favourite haunt for people to indulge in immoral activities due to presence of snooker centres, beauty parlours, restaurants with closed cabins and boutiques”, he added.

A group of students told PTK that they are 197 students in the batch, but not more than 55 per cent attend the classes regularly. “There is no accountability from the coaching centre administration as they are only bothered about money”, he said.

Another youth rooming outside coaching center, when asked said, “To look smart and impressive we go to nearby saloon once or twice a week. This is the age when we can enjoy and our parents pay us handsome money for these activities. They are just bothered that we should qualify Common Entrance Test”, he said.

Ironically the school administration and their parents were unaware of this.

One of the teacher (name withheld), who teaches in a Parraypora coaching centre, while taking to Press Trust of Kashmir said that the root cause of the problem has to be found, rather than blaming the coaching centres.

He further added that it is not that coaching centres are responsible for spreading immorality.

He added, “We can’t check the dress code of girls. It is the duty of parents. Similarly, we can ask the students to switch off their mobiles in classes, not ban them”.

He suggested that coaching centres should spare some time for moral education to students. Adding that as they teaching Physics, Chemistry or Biology, a teacher should brief students about morality as well.

Sources revealed to Press Trust of Kashmir that ‘room facilities’ have been opened on the Airport road where youth can easily spend their day. Adding that both boys and girls of influential families visit these restaurants and spend hours together.

Locals said that they are sons and daughters of bureaucrats, politicians or businessmen. “Police never dares to raid these places”, they said. Locals also blame snooker and billiards centres for the problem.

However, a restaurant owner in Parraypora area told this Press Trust of Kashmir, “I’m here to do business and for me customer is a customer. I can’t stop a boy or a girl from entering my restaurant”.

He said that this is the responsibility of parents who have to check the activities of their children, not them.

Station House officer (SHO) Sadder, Rayees Ahmed, while taking to Press Trust of Kashmir said that nobody from the area has ever approached the police with any complaint. He added that every day they almost challaned 40 to 45 bikes in this area.

He added that People don’t approach police till crime occurs. “I appeal the people especially girl students to approach me or any police official in case of any problem”, he said.

He further added that a sufficient deployment is in every tuition/coaching centre to monitor these things. (PTK)