‘Neither am I stooge of NC nor BJP’

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By Fast Kashmir on 09/04/2018.

‘Neither am I stooge of NC nor BJP’

Shehla Rashid pitches for students activism at Kashmir University

Neyaz Elahi

Srinagar, Apr 9: Popular student leader Shehla Rashid Monday while pitching for free movement of separatist leaders said that everybody should be allowed to propagate their ideas freely.

“The interactions and exchange of ideas lead to positivity. I do believe in freedom of expression and sincerely believe that everybody should be allowed to propagate his or her ideas freely,” Shehla said in response to a question related to the shrinking political space for separatist leaders.

She added: “I in fact support the student activism in Kashmir University. A students union should be allowed to operate at Kashmir University. Universities produce leaders and students should be allowed to function smoothly in Kashmir,” she said and appealed authorities to allow Student Union to function smoothly at Kashmir Varsity.

Shehla Rashid who is from Kashmir capital Srinagar said that it is unfortunate that some people label her as National Conference stooge and others as PDP stooge. “It is equally unfortunate that you have to identify and clear yourself whether you are related to mainstream camp or separatist camp when you talk about Kashmir. I have always raised and discussed Kashmir in big forums and debates,” she said.

Pic by, Shah Jehangir/FK

Shehla who participated in a silent protest that was organized by International Forum for Justice Chairman Muhammad Ahsan Untoo to commemorate the first anniversary of human shield incident told CNS she can’t suggest anything to separatist leader Syed Ali Geelan. She said Geelani Sahb has lot of experience but added that separatist leaders have to decide what they want to do. What there strategy is? I can’t come on a one fine day in Kashmir and start lecturing people. Yes, I want to ask questions to the government which has alienated people and are polarizing the society. In fact, rallies are being carried out in support of Asifa’s rapists and murder accused. PDP is talking about ‘healing touch’ while BJP is talking about ‘Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas. These parties are doing nothing on ground,” she said.

When asked whether she would like to play a role in Kashmir politics, she said that everybody should play a role. “It is not necessary to play a role as a politician but as a common citizen also we can play a role. The Kashmir politics is complex and that is why we are unable to intervene at some point of time. Still if you want to intervene, you have either first to become part of mainstream camp or separatist camp,” she said. (CNS)