Our youth are not laying their lives for material gains: Geelani

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By Fast Kashmir on 26/04/2018.

Srinagar, April 25: Paying rich tributes to slain youth of Lam Tral encounter, Chairman Hurriyat Conference, Syed Ali Geelani today said “our youth lay their lives to end the age-old slavery of their nation & putting a huge responsibility on our shoulders to honour these sacrifices and take the movement to its logical end.

While paying tributes to slain militants, Syed Ali Geelani in his telephonic address to mourners said that I pay my heartfelt and sincere tribute to these martyrs including Mujahid Ashfaq Ahmad Khan.

Geelani said that these youths are laying their precious lives for a sacred cause and sacrificing their today for our tomorrow.


Syed Ali Geelani lamented those who instead of showing their honour and respect for martyrs, are issuing senseless decrees and disrespecting these martyrs, saying they are suffering from frustration and bartering for their personal interests, he added.

I want to covey them that, “whoever is killed protecting his wealth is a martyr, and whoever is killed protecting his religion is a martyr, and whoever is killed protecting his life is a martyr, and whoever is killed protecting his family is a martyr”.

Our youth are not laying their lives for material gains but lay their lives to resist forced occupation and slavery, Geelani added.

“India is using its military might to crush the basic rights of the Kashmiri people. “Geelani said and added ‘that  Indian  State  suffers from arrogance of power’.

They are carrying genocide, ransacking properties and strangulating genuine voices, Geelani said and added that India on one hand is parroting for their fight against global terrorism and on the other, they have unleashed a reign of terror in occupied state, Geelani said.

“It is a cherished and patriotic mission,” said Geelani, saying “since past seven decades six lakh people were brutally massacred and urged people to boycott upcoming elections.

Participations in these elections tantamount to treason with the blood of martyrs and Indian authorities are misleading world community, portraying people’s participation in election as a verdict in their favour, Geelani added.

Don’t cast your vote in their favour and maintain distance from all these parties, insisted Geelani. All these parties including PDP, NC People’s Conference, Congress and communist Party are stooges and hand in glow with killers, he added.

Referring to brutal murder and rape of innocent 8-year Asifa, Geelani said both BJP and police supported those accused in gruesome incident.

Syed Ali Geelani warned against sectarian crisis in Kashmir urging preachers and people not to fall prey to conspiracies aimed at dividing people to trigger civil war in Kashmir.

It is ‘unfortunate and as a true believer we should avoid this and added that “Allah  The almighty addresses us in the Quran that “and hold fast all of you together to the rope of Allah and be not divided among yourselves”, he said. CNS