Over one lakh people participate in annual 11th Shah-e-Jeelan Conference

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By Fast Kashmir on 29/04/2018.

Over one lakh people participate in annual 11th Shah-e-Jeelan Conference
Keeping intact the great civilization, gaining as much as knowledge need of hour: Alama Hami

World renowned Islamic Scholars call for forging unity among Muslims, protecting Saint’s mission

Srinagar, April 29: More than one lakh lovers of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) attended the annual 11th Shah-e-Jeelani Conference at the sprawling premises of Markazul Madaris Jamia Qadriya Shadipora, Tregam, Sumbal where internationally acclaimed Islamic scholars threw light on the various aspects of Islam including the great work put in by the revered saints in spreading the greatest religion of the world in its pristine and spiritual form. Today, was the last day of annual three-day international conference organised by the Karwan-e-Islami International that was officially started on April 27 with Maulood-e-Masood at in which students and the unfurling of the Karwan-e-Islami International flag.
The entire campus of Jamia Qadriya reverberated with the praises for the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) while as world renowned Islamic Scholars Sheikh Syed Ahmad Mehmood Hassan Shareef Al- Hussaini, Ashazali of Prominent University of Islamic world Jamia Azhar Egypt. Hazrat Maulana Sagir Ahmad Jokhanpuri, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Muhammed Haneef Khan Nagori enlightened the participants with their deep knowledge for the beloved Prophet (SAW). The conference was presided by Karwan-e-Islami patron of Karwan-e-Islami International Alama Ghulam Rasool Hami.
In a statement issued here, the Islamic Scholars said that that the resolution of Kashmir issue was only possible through meaningful dialogue for the everlasting peace in the region. They stressed on forging unity among the Muslims across the globe including the sub-continent and following the footsteps of Prophet (SAW) in true letter and spirit. They said best way to follow Islam was to read and follow the contributions of great saints of the Sub-Continent.
Speaking on the occasion, Patron Karwan-e-Islami Alama Ghulam Rasool Hami said that Islam has reached Kashmir after the great saints put in their blood and sweat and it’s our moral obligation and follow the footsteps of these revered saints. He said peaceful would prevail only when heads of nations of sub continent would use their influence on New Delhi to resolve the vexed issue through dialogue.
He urged Muslims across the India to forge unity to defeat the evil designs of dividing Muslims, stating that many conspiracies are being hatched to create wedge among the muslims and to divide them on sectarian lines. Alama Hami said that gaining knowledge is allowed in Islam as the religion has started with the word “Iqra” that means “Study” and there is no end in gaining as much as knowledge a muslim desires. He criticized the government for not allowed the Sheikhul Alam University to get established in Kashmir stating that it has been many years since a bill was introduced in the Assembly, but every now and then problems are being created.
Alama Hami said that it’s high time to ensure muslims of Syria, Palestine, Egypt and Kashmir stand untied and demand their rights for the resolution of issues they are confronted with today.
Urging people to extend their full support to the Karwan-e-Islami in eradicating the menace of growing drug abuse and liquor consumption in Kashmir, Alama Hami said that they are committed to ensure this menace is rooted out from the society and all measures will be taken to ensure the mission is taken to its logical conclusion. On the occasion, turbans were tied on the heads of Hufaz-e-Kiram who completed their courses and remembered the entire Quran. He said that across Kashmir, at least 1000 institutions have been established under the aegis Karwan-e-islami where students are studying and remembering Quran with great zeal and zest. On the occasion, after Asr prayers, the holy relic of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and other sacred things were displayed while as emotional scenes were witnessed at the conference. At the conclusion, special prayers were held for the resolution of Kashmir and peace in the rest of the Muslim world. At least 2000 volunteers were at service for the smooth conference